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Floral Designs for Housewarming Gifts

Whether a loved one recently closed on a home, or you want to welcome a new neighbor to the block - housewarming gifts are a thoughtful way to congratulate them on their new adventure. Flowering and green plants are the perfect gifts for this momentous occasion, as they help to make any space more vibrant, warm and hospitable. Curran's Flowers' greenhouses are full of the best plants and flowers in the Danvers area, and we are sure to have something just right for any home. Read More about Floral Designs for Housewarming Gifts »
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Flowers for the Homecoming Dance

The season for homecoming weekend celebrations is nearly here. Whether you are an alumni returning to your old stomping grounds, or a student looking forward to the homecoming dance, Curran's Flowers has the formal flowers you'll need for every event. There are many reasons flowers are in demand over this special weekend. The mothers of football players generally receive corsages, and the homecoming court can look forward to special bouquets. Alumni often wear flowers which celebrate team colors and spirit, and of course - the homecoming dance will also require corsages and boutonnieres. And although the terms may conjure up images of an old-fashioned tradition, our floral designers have created trendy, artistic, and unique pieces which will add fashion and flair.  Read More about Flowers for the Homecoming Dance »
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Celebrating Grandparents Day with Flowers

"Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete." – Marcy DeMaree There is no denying that grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. Whether they go by Grandma and Grandpa, Meemaw and Pawpaw, Nana and Grandpop - the names do not matter so much as the love and legacy that they add to our lives. National Grandparents Day, established in 1978, is a day set aside to celebrate the stories, the wisdom, and the sense of belonging grandparents offer to their families. With Curran's Flowers, celebrating Grandparents Day is beautiful.  Read More about Celebrating Grandparents Day with Flowers »
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Send Them Flowers ‘Just Because’

Every day, we do things because we have to - from the time the alarm goes off, there are appointments to make and responsibilities to handle. But on August 27, we are given a rare invitation to throw off the constraints of schedule and routine, and instead, have a day filled with "why not?" Just Because Day allows you to think outside the box, march to a different drummer, and color outside the lines- just because! Do what you have been dreaming of doing, for no other reason than you want to. At Curran's Flowers, we know that floral arrangements sent "just because" can be the most meaningful, as they express friendship, love or gratitude that transcend special occasions. Here are a few other ideas we love:  Read More about Send Them Flowers ‘Just Because’ »
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National Romance Month Share the Love

When we think of romance, red roses almost always come to mind. The official floral ambassador of love and devotion is the classic expression of true commitment and will be in high demand during the month of August. Why? Because this month is National Romance Month, a wonderful opportunity to express your feelings toward your sweetheart. Situated between Valentine's Day and the holiday season, this observance reminds us that romance should be celebrated year-round and never neglected, even during the dog days of summer. To give you a hand, the floral experts at Curran's Flowers are here with a collection of romantic bouquets and arrangements that are sure to set off some sparks and a few fun facts to set a fun, flirty, and romantic tone to Romance Month. Read More about National Romance Month Share the Love »

Friendship Day Celebrates Friends & Sisters

Friendship is one of the most special relationships we will ever experience. And when your best friend is also your sister, the bonds are virtually unbreakable. Experts tell us that having strong connections with sisters from our early years will allow us to become happier, more confident and optimistic adults. That alone is a great reason to celebrate her! August 6 is both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day, and both give us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the women who have been a part of our lives for years. Curran’s Flowers has the floral designs that are perfect to convey your feelings of love and respect. Shop our online collections, or give us a call for ideas. Read More about Friendship Day Celebrates Friends & Sisters »
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Local Summer Hydrangea Floral Designs

With summer upon us, there is a whole new crop of flowers in full bloom. One of our favorites is the summer hydrangea. Although these beauties are available from growers year-round, the best variety of premium blooms is available right now - according to the experts at Curran's Flowers, the Dutch hydrangea crop is in full swing. "We receive hundreds of these premium hydrangea every week", says owner Paul Danehy. "Our customers love them." This month, come in and bring some home a bouquet of for yourself - and find out why Curran's Flowers is considered Danvers' most popular florist and greenhouse. Fast Trivia: Originally discovered in Japan, this versatile and resilient flower grows virtually everywhere - from Asia to the Americas, and everyplace in between. No wonder they are beloved the world over.  Read More about Local Summer Hydrangea Floral Designs »
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