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Posted by Currans Flowers on January 8, 2018 Uncategorized

Giving Beautiful Blooms All Year Long

Get the New Year started right by making a resolution to show the person you love the most in the world how much you care all 365 days this year. We here at Currans Flowers know exactly how you can achieve this, and of course it involves flowers. Through our Flowers For A Year┬áprogram, you can guarantee that this is the one resolution you make that won’t go unfulfilled.

The concept is that each month of the year, we send fresh, seasonal blooms on your behalf to the recipient of your choice. The initial delivery includes a note explaining that this is only the beginning of a year full of flowers, which in no way ruins the surprise each month. After all, even if your giftee knows they’ll be getting flowers on the regular, they won’t know what each design will look like.

This is a great way to guarantee that your special someone feels special all year long, without fail. It’s also one of those gifts that tends to inspire a better relationship; after all, your recipient can’t help but think positively of you each time they receive their next gift. Another great benefit of a program like this is that just as one arrangement may be reaching its expiration date, another fresh bundle arrives to replace it. Your recipient will literally spend the year with flowers from you always on the table. Is there any better gift?