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60 Occasions to Send and Receive Elegant Flowers “Just Because”

Sending flowers is common on significant occasions like birthdays, holidays, and wedding anniversaries. Nevertheless, at Currans Flowers, the top florist in Danvers, Massachusetts, we firmly believe that there are plenty of everyday reasons to order the gift of blooms “just because.” Each new day grants you a fresh opportunity to express love, gratitude, and support, and what better way to convey those emotions than through the language of flowers?

Whether showing your passion with classic red roses, bringing in the joy with golden sunflowers, or expressing your most genuine sentiments with hydrangeas, along with a heartfelt card message, your intentions will be crystal clear. With this simple gesture, you can transform any regular day into a special occasion. Although there are plenty of reasons to brighten someone’s doorstep with fresh flowers, we have compiled a list of 60 remarkable reasons to remind you that you don’t need a holiday to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. Your birthday is fast approaching
  2. They forgot your birthday
  3. You’re recovering from an injury
  4. The kids have been testing your patience all week
  5. The anniversary of your first date is coming up
  6. You’re having a Friday night date night
  7. You unclogged the shower, toilet, and bathroom sink (the trifecta!)
  8. You ran your first marathon
  9. You hit a major career goal
  10. They vetoed another trip to Disney
  11. You surprised them with plane tickets to their favorite destination
  12. You had a disagreement and they want to apologize
  13. The house renovations are finally done
  14. You recently redecorated
  15. You’re on the verge of completing your thesis or dissertation

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. They’re the reason you’re alive
  2. Thanks to them you are a kind person
  3. They send you money when you need it
  4. Whenever you go home they let you stay for free
  5. They rescued a new four-legged friend
  6. You should have sent flowers on Mother’s Day
  7. You should have sent flowers on Father’s Day, too
  8. You want to show them how much you miss them
  9. Their doctor applauded their hard work
  10. They learned how to navigate new technology without any help
  11. They finally sold the family home and moved into their dream condo
  12. Their sagely advice was completely correct
  13. They got home from a bucket-list vacation adventure
  14. They made a big donation to a worthy cause
  15. You love them and want them to know it

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. They found their soulmate and are tying the knot
  2. They had their first baby
  3. You finished binging a series that made you miss them
  4. You finally love closer together after they moved to your city
  5. They got a new job and moved away, making you miss them
  6. Their birthday month is coming up
  7. Flowers will look amazing at the surprise party you’re throwing them
  8. You want to show how proud you are that they came out
  9. They just brought a new rescue pup home
  10. They had a terrible day and you want to make it better
  11. You want to apologize for causing an argument
  12. They have been faithfully adhering to their fitness regimen
  13. A galley will be showing some of their artwork
  14. They got through a surgery they were nervous about
  15. You know when you call them they will always answer

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. You had a tough day at work and want to cheer up
  2. You absolutely crushed your workout goals
  3. You love this time of year because of the weather
  4. You got a raise at work and you want to celebrate
  5. You summoned the courage and gave a public speech
  6. You got an outstanding grade on a certification
  7. You were afraid to do something but now you love it
  8. You got your taxes in on time and are proud of yourself
  9. You held your tongue during a tense discussion
  10. You’re throwing a dinner party and a centerpiece would complete the spread
  11. Your favorite cat is having a birthday
  12. You did a random act of kindness for a stranger
  13. Lizzo made you want to treat yourself
  14. You smashed your weekly hydration goals
  15. The flowers you love most are in season

Whether it’s a bouquet filled with their most beloved blooms or an arrangement with deep symbolism, there’s never a wrong time to share appreciation, love, and joy through fresh stems. The flower professionals here at Currans Flowers are here and eager to transform ordinary days into vibrant celebrations.