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Send Cheer to Someone in the Hospital with a Live Plant

When a friend or loved one is in the hospital, it can sometimes be tough to know what you can do to help. Although many people choose to send bouquets of flowers, our florists at Currans Flowers in Danvers suggest sending live plants, instead. Live plants, like potted orchids and bromeliads, radiate just as much room-brightening color as floral bouquets, but they last much longer. Long-lasting, live plants will continue to show how much you care long after your loved one has returned home from the hospital.

“Hospital Plants Directly Benefit Patients,” Says Science

That’s right. Live plants aren’t just nice to look at, they’re also incredibly healthy for everyone, including hospital patients. Studies have shown that live plants in hospital rooms improve patient outcomes. They’ve been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and reduce patients’ ratings of pain, discomfort, and fatigue. Patients recovering with live plants nearby require less pain medication than those without. Plus, live plants will continue to clean the air your loved one breathes once they recover and bring your gift home.

Live Plants that Will Warm Even the Drabbest Hospital Rooms

Some of the best live plants to send as gifts don’t actually bloom. Living plants such as snake plants, pathos vines, spider plants, and dieffenbachia are hardy, easy to grow, and efficient air-purifiers. They can also help balance the humidity in a room while delivering calming effects.

Any live plant will help clean the air and produce the above-mentioned health benefits. We suggest pairing the best of both worlds – clean air and brilliant colors – by selecting a blooming potted arrangement. The artfully arranged Luzon Garden, for example, features rich colors and lush greenery. Dazzling orchids and bright bromeliads bloom above ferns in this attractive planter. We also recommend the Tahitian Garden planter. Nothing spreads cheer and good health like the warmth of a variety of vibrant, blooming orchids and green succulents.

Luzon Garden

Tahitian Garden

5 Tips for Sending Plants to the Hospital

Follow these tips to ensure your blooming gift arrives without a hitch:

  1. First, check that the hospital or medical center, where your friend is staying, allows floral deliveries.
  2. When speaking with the hospital, find out whether they have a specific time or certain days when they allow deliveries.
  3. Be sure to ask for your loved one’s room number, too.
  4. Before choosing a plant to send to a loved one in the hospital, there are a few things you should consider. If your friend has seasonal allergies (such as a pollen allergy) or sensitivity to any fragrances, we recommend sending a non-blooming live plant. Since hospital rooms can be crowded, we also recommend choosing a plant that won’t overwhelm free space in the room.
  5. When you contact our florist, we can help you select a live plant that’ll be perfect to help your loved one recover. We’ll need the name and address of the medical center for the delivery, plus the recipients’ full name and room number.

What to Send Other than Flowers, If Plants Aren’t Allowed

If hospital policy doesn’t allow plants in patient rooms, don’t worry. Currans Flowers offers plenty of other heartfelt get-well gift options . Whether you help your friend endure their hospital stay with a live plant or a gift basket filled with treats and entertainment, you’ll show how much you care while delivering cheer.

For more information about hospital deliveries or get well gift suggestions, we welcome you to contact Currans Flowers in Danvers, Massachusetts today!

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