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5 Earth-Saving Sustainable Floristry Practices

As florists, it is just natural that we love nature, and one would believe that florists safely do almost everything they possibly can to safeguard the natural environment. Unfortunately, that is not always accurate. Some florists use more renewable floristry practices than others. At Currans Flowers, extra care is taken by us to offer our customers outstanding quality which does not come at the cost of the earth by employing green flowers as well as sustainably designed company operations.

Flowers in a Field

What are Eco-Friendly Flowers?

Eco-friendly flowers are those that are developed by using strategies along with substances that won’t harm both individuals as well as the planet. A number of blossoms are developed at extremely rapid rates. In order for farmers to do this, they have to use a lot of extra energy to power grow lights along with environmentally harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Eco-friendly flowers are slowly grown, using organic solutions which do not damage the environment. Sustainable growers additionally concentrate on limiting their distribution chains to nearby florists to lessen the carbon footprint of delivery.

Flowers in a Greenhouse

Five Signs of a Green Florist

It’s not feasible for large, national-chain flower companies to practice sustainable floristry – in fact, they are one of the biggest offenders. However, you’ll find most smaller, local flower shops are very green and perform everyday green practices like the following to make sure they protect the environment.

1. Uses Recyclable Materials

Search for a florist that wraps bouquets in papers rather than plastic and that stays away from non-recyclable florist’s foam.

2. Reduces Waste

Sustainable florists don’t allow a flower to go to waste by donating extras to hospitals and nursing homes.

3. Promotes Seasonal Flowers

Obviously grown, seasonal blossoms are probably the freshest and best option anyway!

4. Offers to Refill Vases

A sustainable florist will gladly refill old containers.

5. Sources from Local Growers

Sourcing from local flower farms guarantees risk-free growing methods and also brings down shipping impact.


Blooming Purple Hyacinth

You Can Help Too

Floral sustainability does not stop at the floral shop; you are able to make a positive change, also. Save your containers and vases. Whether you repurpose them or perhaps ask them to refill at the florist, you will be decreasing waste. We additionally promote high volume clients (commercial business organizations, marriages, along with events) to refill or even send back the multitude of theirs of containers.

You are able to also improve the sustainability of the blooms of yours by dangling or perhaps pressing them. Dried blooms are able to keep going for many years, making it possible for you to protect the happy memories of yours and decorate the home of yours as well. In case you are not into drying out the flowers of yours, you are able to still include spent blooms as well as foliage to use that is good. All plant material is completely compostable. Put them to the compost bin of yours or even give them away to a neighborhood garden to be utilized as fertilizer.

Pink Cosmos Flowers

Finally, the most significant point you are able to do to encourage renewable floristry is choosing a hometown florist. By shopping neighborhood, you are able to purchase plants from a company you believe in and rest easy knowing the delivery of yours will not journey way too far. To discover more about our renewable floristry methods, contact Currans Flowers.