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Browse our selection of birthday flowers, plants, and gift ideas by choosing from the categories below. We offer a wide variety of fresh-cut flowers, plants, and gifts for that special birthday. Whether you're looking for something large or small this year, we have something for everyone. If you would like help making the perfect selection, call our floral consultants at the number listed at the top of the page. Curran's Flower offers same-day delivery to Danvers, surrounding areas, or nationwide.

Sending birthday flowers from Currans Flowers is a delightful way to celebrate someone’s special day. It's a gesture that adds color, fragrance, and joy to the milestone event. Currans Flowers, with their reputation for quality and creativity, crafts arrangements that are as unique and vibrant as the birthday celebrants themselves.

Flowers have a language all their own, allowing you to convey a range of sentiments. Lively sunflowers can communicate your admiration and warmth, elegant lilies can express joy and prosperity, while a mix of seasonal blooms can symbolize the beauty of life and the variety of experiences each year brings. Choosing to send a birthday bouquet from Currans Flowers means you’re providing a personalized touch to your gift-giving. They can cater to preferences, include a favorite flower or color, and even pair the arrangement with additional gifts like balloons, gourmet chocolates, or a hand-written card for that extra personal touch. With Currans Flowers, you’re not just sending flowers; you’re sending a message of love, celebration, and the joy of another year to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which flower is best for birthdays?

At Currans Flowers, we know the best flowers to say happy birthday are always your recipient's favorite flowers, whatever they may be. If you're not sure which varieties are their favorite, you can't go wrong with our top picks for birthday flowers at any time of the year.

We encourage sending roses, carnations, lilies, gerbera daisies, or sunflowers. These flowers are eye-catching, classic, plentiful, and long-lasting, which is everything you want in the perfect birthday gift. 

What flower color is for birthdays?

The Language of Flowers tells us everything we need to know about gifting the right color flower for your special someone's birthday. Red flowers symbolize love and romance; yellow flowers symbolize friendship; white flowers symbolize purity – and there is so much else you can say! One fun way to celebrate is to send them flowers the same color as their birthstone. Don't know what that is? Check out our guide to birth flowers, birthstones and zodiac signs to make your gift fun and unique!

Are flowers an appropriate birthday gift?

Yes! Flowers are appropriate for nearly any occasion, and work especially well as birthday gifts. Prompting your senses of sight, smell, and touch, a bouquet is a personal, sustainable, and long-lasting gift that can be enjoyed without cluttering up the home. Choose to customize your birthday bouquet or opt for a designer-original design to make sure your recipient gets something truly unique! Don't forget to add on a bunch of balloons or box of chocolates at checkout too.

Can I send birthday flowers with same-day delivery?

Yes! Currans Flowers is proud to offer birthday flowers for same-day delivery whenever we have the capacity to do so. We specialize in local birthday flower delivery to Danvers and surrounding areas. Order before the same-day cutoff time, and be sure to order ahead for big holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day!

How much does it cost to deliver birthday flowers?

Currans Flowers offers birthday flowers in a wide range of price points, so you can always find something both beautiful and affordable for the birthday girl or boy. We offer an array of birthday flowers under $50 plus the cost of delivery.

How long does birthday flower delivery take?

Birthday flowers can be delivered on nearly any timeline you choose – even the same day! Be sure to order before the day's cutoff time to secure same-day birthday flower delivery for your special someone. 

Can I give a monthly flower subscription for their birthday?

Absolutely! Flower subscriptions are the gift that keep on giving. Each month, your lucky recipient will get a bouquet of flowers – and a reminder that you are their favorite gift-giver ever!

Can I send a birthday gift along with flowers?

We are more than happy to accommodate sending a non-floral gift along with a bouquet of cheerful birthday flowers. Browse our selection of gift baskets and other treats, or add on a card, balloons, chocolate, or stuffed animal at checkout. We have no shortage of gifts that they can enjoy right alongside their birthday flowers.

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