Our History

Paul Sr. celebrates Christmas with his grandchildren near an enormous wreath
Hanging and potted flowers and plants on display outside our front door
Paul Jr. poses with a potted plant in our spacious greenhouse


We got our start in 1933, a true family-run shop with two brothers, Tom and Jim Curran, at the helm. In the 40s, the brothers shuttled two greenhouses from their spot on Pickering to Park Street. There they grew popular cut flowers like carnations and calla lilies along with seasonal plants and outdoor bedding ones. From the beginning, Currans was devoted to sourcing locally, enriching our own crop of offerings with flowers from local growers like Bert McDermott, who produced nearly 50,000 gladioli on his Danvers farm.

You could call us old-fashioned, we don't mind. After all, we're still in the same place on Park Street. We still let the season be our guide as we grow our own flowers and plants (in the winter, tulips and winter greens; in spring and summer, hydrangea, cut flowers, bedding plants and those sought-after moss baskets you see hanging everywhere about town). And yes, we're still family run. Though like all families, we've evolved.

So, what's our family like? In 1974, Paul Danehy Sr., a shop manager in Boston, bought Currans from Tom's wife Alma. Paul immediately took root, opening the store seven days a week instead of just four, expanding the delivery area to reach more of the Danvers and North Shore community and infusing the business with carry-out specials and a wider inventory. The Currans family grew too. Paul joined community service clubs, developed stronger ties with local, regional and international farms and suppliers and built a team of experienced designers and sales staff, many of whom are still with us today.

Today, Paul's son Paul Jr. runs the daily operations. Keeping in step with technology and taking advantage of a global economy, Paul Jr. has developed great relationships with flower farms and manufacturers of hard goods worldwide.

Together, two families cultivated Currans into the best florist and greenhouse in the region. We were providing fresh flowers and plants we grew ourselves way back when, delivering them with prompt and courteous service, and we still do today. We've watched our offerings flower from porches and garden beds for decades around Danvers. We're dedicated to keeping it that way.