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Posted by Currans Flowers on December 8, 2017 | Last Updated: December 13, 2021 Uncategorized

Centerpieces And More From Our Holiday Gift Guide

Did you know that the winter holidays are the biggest in terms of floral sales all year round? It’s true. Winter holiday flowers account for 30% of holiday floral purchases all year, making it no stretch to say that florals are crucial to our seasonal celebrations.

At Currans Flowers, we know how important winter’s bright blooms and vivid green plants are to your decorating. The season brings us so many wonderful flowers, greens, and natural accents to play with, inspiring lavish designs that really capture the spirit of the holidays. We’ve put them all in our Holiday Gift Guide, a collection of what the season – and we – have to offer.

This week’s blog centers on centerpieces, one of the most important floral elements we see in the home during the holidays. These can also be given as a gift, whether you’re dining in someone else’s home Christmas Eve, attending a party or just having them delivered as a present. We think our Biltmore Centerpiece is just such a gift-worthy design.

gold container, elegant white roses and beautiful seasonal evergreens

The Biltmore Centerpiece

Rustic Winter Centerpiece combines the rustic feel of berries and a wooden container with more contemporary choices like cymbidium orchids and orchids.

Rustic Winter Centerpiece

Created in a wooden design box it tempts the senses with roses, winter greens, fragrant cinnamon and her seasonal favorite lady apples.

Apples and Spice Centerpiece

The roses, orchids, and evergreens make a stunning combination, conveying elegance and a touch of the exotic. But can we talk about the Dutch glass centerpiece bowl? It really takes this unique design to the next level.

Our Winters Glow is just as compelling in its approach to what holiday centerpieces can do. This mix of roses, delphinium, sunflowers and more is full of atypical blooms that you wouldn’t necessarily see in a holiday centerpiece. And yet the colors evoke the palette of the Nutcracker, and the jewel tones feel just right for the season.

Decorate your loved ones’ tables this year with some stellar centerpieces from our curated guide. We’ve got bold, striking designs that evoke all the richness of the season as well as more traditional ones that maintain its classic spirit.