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The Trips You Take Through Flowers

Often after an exciting trip overseas, it can be difficult to return to regular day-to-day life while holding onto the memories made. If you and a loved one need a little reminder of how wonderful your experience was, consider sending them flowers from that location with a note to tell them you loved your time together there. The floral designers at Curran’s Flowers have some excellent ideas about how you can reflect the spirit of your far-away travels in a beautiful bouquet of flowers from that region. Read More about The Trips You Take Through Flowers »
Posted by Currans Flowers on July 2, 2018 Flowers

Fantastic 4th of July Flowers

“We must be free, not because we claim liberty, but because we practice it.” -William Faulkner On Independence Day, we often practice our liberty by spending the day gathered together with family and friends, eating potluck barbecue, throwing frisbees or swimming, and watching fireworks: celebrating the freedom we have. If you’re attending an event such as this on the Fourth of July this year, why not bring along some festive flowers? The floral artists at Currans Flowers have designed some exquisite creations that will truly bless your hosts and honor your country. Read More about Fantastic 4th of July Flowers »
Posted by Currans Flowers on June 24, 2018 4th of July Flowers

A Feast Of Food And Flowers

We don't know about you, but here at Curran's Flowers, we love a good summertime soiree. There's something about this season that invites us to relax, unwind and indulge. There's the sense that we can move from indoors to out and back again, transitioning between a quiet table on the patio to the formal one inside. We entertain with the idea of putting our guests at ease and celebrating the long, temperate days that stretch into the night. Our soirees are soundtracked to cicada and serve up the garden's goodies---heaping salads accented by colorful vegetables. On our dinner menus, delights such as ceviche and sangria appear, as though we can finally get away with serving spicy, citrusy, brightly-flavored food. The flowers we use to accent our menus and our gatherings in general should be just as bright. Read More about A Feast Of Food And Flowers »
Posted by Currans Flowers on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

Celebrate Your Anniversary With Flowers

Ah June, the month where more marriages take place than at any other time in the year. At Curran's Flowers, our team is practiced in working with the season's most glorious blooms, which almost seem as if they were designed for weddings and, of course, anniversaries. There's no better tribute to a lasting marriage than flowers upon flowers upon flowers. What better way to reference your wedding---which was likely steeped in fresh blooms---and to honor your sweetheart than to offer them a special bouquet that speaks to the romance and passion you feel? Read More about Celebrate Your Anniversary With Flowers »
Posted by Currans Flowers on June 11, 2018 Flowers Love & Romance Roses

The Way To Your Dad’s Heart

There are several things you can count on each Father's Day: your dad likely won't be very forthcoming when you ask him what he would like, if you do. If you don't, you'll remember he's tough to buy for. You can also expect that you'll be spending time with him, even if "time" is via Skype or Facetime. Instead of struggling to come up with the perfect gift, Curran's Flowers believes you should just go with the tried-and-true crowd pleasers, those things that every dad will happily receive. Luckily, we've got just the thing on hand, and we're here to point the way to it. Read More about The Way To Your Dad’s Heart »
Posted by Currans Flowers on June 4, 2018 Farther's Day

Peony Perfection For Your Besties

In honor of National Best Friend's Day on June 8, there's peonies. We here at Curran's Flowers aren't saying that peonies exist exclusively as a gift to give your besties, but we are saying that they are the perfect friendship flower. Think about it. Manifold layers as delicate as tissue paper, a soft, sweet fragrance, a pastel palette . . . There's simply nothing more special than a peony, a flower as dramatic as roses but without the passion and ardor built in. Instead, a peony is a bright, uplifting bloom to offer. It's romantic, modern and special-seeming. Read More about Peony Perfection For Your Besties »
Posted by Currans Flowers on May 28, 2018 Flowers Spring Summer

The Spring Flowers That Lead Into Summer

Some flowers make it easy to transition from spring to summer---we're looking at you, peony---while others belong decidedly to one camp or the other. Curran's Flowers is always thrilled when we see (and receive) the new crop from each season; these fresh arrivals always invigorate our designs and offer plenty of inspiration for the season ahead. Summer is no exception, and may give us the most dazzling blooms we see all year. Warm-weather bloomers are real showstoppers; sure, they may be frost-sensitive, but when they come to bloom they revel in their colorful glory, impossible not to fall in love with. Read More about The Spring Flowers That Lead Into Summer »
Posted by Currans Flowers on May 21, 2018 Flowers Summer

Capturing The Spirit Of Memorial Day

Memorial Day can be a solemn occasion as we remember those soldiers who sacrificed their lives in service to country. The parades and commemorative events that honor them do so with a great deal of reverence and respect, but they also bring us together and remind us that we are, in essence, celebrating the great heroes of our country. We're on the cusp of summer and it's a long weekend. Inevitably, we find ourselves hosting or attending dinners, barbecues or outdoor parties. Curran's Flowers thinks there's a way to capture the full spirit of Memorial Day in flowers, speaking to both its poignancy and sense of festivity. Read More about Capturing The Spirit Of Memorial Day »
Posted by Currans Flowers on May 14, 2018 Flowers Holidays Memorial Day

Meet Our Floral Designer & Mom

In honor of Mother's Day, Curran's Flowers is spotlighting one of our own marvelous moms, who offers her insight on the flowers you should give the mamas in your life this May 13. Name: Gayle Stanley Rogers Kids first names & ages: Brett, 28 & Jack, 25 How did you get into floral work?    I was a stay-at-home mom when my boys were very young, and thought it would be fun to take some floral design courses at the local community college. You might say I experienced an 'ah-ha' moment when I designed my very first centerpiece. I had found my passion! Read More about Meet Our Floral Designer & Mom »

Pretty Flowers For Prom And Beyond

The end of the school year brings celebrations of all kinds. Some kids will be graduating, while others will be attending prom for the first time. School dances, moving-up ceremonies and even thank-you gifts for teachers all create a gift-giving opportunity. If you find yourself in need of gifts or wearable florals for these celebrations, trust Curran's Flowers to deliver the quality arrangements and beautiful wearable flowers from the local florist that you have come to trust. Read More about Pretty Flowers For Prom And Beyond »
Posted by Currans Flowers on April 30, 2018 Flowers Prom