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Valentine’s Day has evolved and is no longer just about couples enjoying a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant. This day celebrates love in all forms, including self-love and spreading love throughout your community. If you’re looking for new ways to enjoy this special day of love from home, your friends at Currans Flowers, Danvers’ top floral shop, have a few creative ideas. 

Exciting Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Ballroom dancers on wooden floor

Learn to Ballroom Dance

Sweep your Valentine off their feet as you learn to ballroom dance together. A romantic tango, elegant waltz, or fun cha-cha is sure to spice up your day and create unique Valentine’s Day memories. Hold your sweetheart close and speak the “language of the soul” as you follow along to an online tutorial or join a virtual class. 

Love arts and crafts supplies in bright colors

Create Homemade Gifts

Your at-home Valentine’s Day could use some creativity and generosity. Have a craft night with your sweetie and make bright cards with sweet notes, homemade gifts, elaborate origami, and anything else you can dream up to create together. Then, make special deliveries to friends, neighbors, or local hospitals and nursing homes to spread some extra love.

Coffee, red pen, and bucket list note pad

Write a Couple’s Bucket List

How well do you know your partner’s adventurous side? Dream big and brainstorm together as you create the ultimate couple’s bucket list. It’s an exciting and romantic way to plan your future, get inspired to travel again, and learn more about your Valentine.

The Lavish Valentine Bouquet truly "says it with flowers". We've included all the favorites, like orchids, roses, and hydrangea in this design. Arranged in our imported Dutch Emilia Vase, this bouquet really hits the mark.

Send Yourself Flowers

Don’t forget about yourself this Valentine’s Day. An afternoon of self-love isn’t complete without some gorgeous blooms to brighten your home, like our “Lavish Valentine Bouquet.” Write a sweet note to remind yourself how much you deserve to be spoiled with flowers, too. 

Romantic wine and chocolates

Have a Wine and Chocolate Tasting

If visiting wineries and chocolate factories are out of the question, bring the sweetness home. Buy a few bottles of your favorite wines and large boxes of assorted mouth-watering chocolates to share with your honey. Enjoy an afternoon of wine and chocolate pairing together as you taste fun combinations and wonderful flavors.

Old Hollywood black and white film

Host a Romantic Movie Marathon

If you’re enjoying some “me time” this Valentine’s Day, don’t let the romance slip away. Spend your day immersed in a romantic movie marathon. Find the mushy classics like “Roman Holiday,” “Dirty Dancing,” or “The Notebook.” Bring your tissues and get comfortable as you live vicariously through your favorite characters from these timeless love stories. 

Various board game pieces

Play Nostalgic Board Games

Travel back in time to your childhood, when life was simple, easy, and all fun and games. Blow the dust off your nostalgic board games and have an afternoon of childlike enjoyment with your beau. “Battleship,” “Monopoly,” and “Scrabble” are just a few of our suggestions to have the best day of lighthearted competition and frivolity.

Unplug and get comfortable today. Bask in a romantic and relaxing Valentine’s Day at home, and don’t forget the beautiful blooms from Currans Flowers to admire. The best way to fill your heart and feel love is with fresh florals.