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Discover How Easy and Beautiful Mums Can Be

Fall is the perfect time to discover the beauty and simplicity of chrysanthemums. These fabulous flowers are everywhere this time of year and reflect the colors and textures of the fall season. With over 40 species and thousands of varieties to choose from, in an array of colors, mums can adapt to whatever decor you choose for your autumn season. Plus, they’re so easy to care for, you’ll want to send these beauties to everyone you know in the Danvers area. Take a look at why the floral designers at Curran’s Flowers are so excited about fall mums. You’ll get excited too! Read More about Discover How Easy and Beautiful Mums Can Be »
Posted by Currans Flowers on September 8, 2019 | Last Updated: September 11, 2019 Fall Floral Design Flowers Plants

4 Ways To Make Grandparents Day Memorable

Grandparents Day is a wonderful time for children and grandparents to bond, grow closer together and learn more about each other. Be sure to send a full bouquet of flowers, a lovely hanging garden, or a special gift to grandparents to show them how much they mean to you. You can include a Grandparents Day prayer or a poem that children have chosen especially for them. The floral experts at Currans Flowers are happy to deliver your chosen design anywhere in the local Danvers area, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement centers, as well as personal residences. If you are close enough to spend time together, Currans Flowers has a few fun ways to make Grandparents Day memorable for everyone. Read More about 4 Ways To Make Grandparents Day Memorable »
Posted by Currans Flowers on August 4, 2019 | Last Updated: August 6, 2019 Flowers Grandparent's Day Holidays Plants

5 Helpful Gifts To Send College Students Back To School

Bright & Beautiful Gifts for Students College students will be headed off to campus soon. This is an exciting time in a student's life. They are exercising their independence, gaining responsibility and spreading their wings. We want to be supportive and encouraging. But, we also want to make sure our students have everything they need. You can show how much they mean to you send them on their way with thoughts of care and support. That's why  Currans Flowers created a list of helpful gifts for college students as they leave home and go back to school. Show them how much you care for them. Then, send them back to school with a practical gift that will speak volumes. Read More about 5 Helpful Gifts To Send College Students Back To School »
Posted by Currans Flowers on July 19, 2019 | Last Updated: July 26, 2019 Back to School Floral Design Plants

Accept This Tricky Treat From Us

This year for Halloween, add some beauty and style to your front porch to entice neighborhood trick-or-treaters to haunt your house! A beautiful bouquet of flowers in festive fall colors, adorable Halloween decorations and plenty of yummy treats will certainly create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone who stops by. Welcome Halloween and all of its fun with a beautiful, holiday-inspired front porch. The floral designers at Curran’s Flowers have a wide selection of gorgeous fall blooms and lively decor to share with you. Read More about Accept This Tricky Treat From Us »
Posted by Currans Flowers on October 14, 2018 Fall Flowers Halloween Plants

Appreciate Your Boss? Show It!

This month we look forward to celebrating Bosses Day. This is a time when employees everywhere show their gratitude and appreciation for their bosses with gifts, cards and flowers. Bosses are those individuals who trust us with decisions, mentor us as we learn new skills and support us in our daily work. On October 16th, show your appreciation for everything your boss has done for you with a beautiful floral arrangement, plant or gift basket from Curran’s Flowers. Read More about Appreciate Your Boss? Show It! »
Posted by Currans Flowers on October 7, 2018 Plants

September’s Self Care Tip: Plants!

September is self-care month, a time to slow down and remember to do something healthy and nurturing for yourself, and to encourage others to do the same. Getting in touch with nature is one great way to encourage a sense of healthy balance and well-being. Take a walk outside, spend time meditating in a nearby park, or simply bring some elements of nature to you. Gorgeous leafy potted plants will bring a sense of balance to your home as well. Curran’s Flowers suggests sending a wellness plant to someone you love, including yourself. Read More about September’s Self Care Tip: Plants! »
Posted by Currans Flowers on September 10, 2018 Plants

Go Green For Earth Day

Since 1970, the United States has set aside a day to remember the value and beauty that our world offers us. From the flowers to the trees, the plants all around us create a stunning natural world that we all need to care for. Curran’s Flowers has set out to create some plant arrangements that make it easy to welcome this holiday into you home. Read More about Go Green For Earth Day »
Posted by Currans Flowers on April 16, 2018 Earth Day Plants

Spectacular Seasonal Plants for Outdoors

It's the season of giving, and we at Currans Flowers couldn't be happier about it. We're givers, specifically of seasonal blooming and green plants, straight into your containers. Every year we cultivate our harvest, which is rich with flowering plants and winter greens. These seasonal beauties are hardy enough to take Fall’s chill and look beautiful while doing it. It’s a wonderful thing to capture some green  around your home or business as leaves scatter the ground and the trees go bare. Read More about Spectacular Seasonal Plants for Outdoors »
Posted by Currans Flowers on November 10, 2017 Fall Plants

Cactus, Green Plant and Succulent Care

There are over 300,000 species of plants. From green and flowering houseplants to cacti and succulents, the possibilities are nearly endless as to how you can revamp your home or office decor with these verdant beauties. This month, as we celebrate Administrative Professionals Week, we thought we would share some easy-care tips for some of our popular gifts in this category. Although it is impossible to give blanket instructions, you can always ask for advice from the experts at Curran's Flowers  - we have four greenhouses on our property and grow plants year-round right here in Danvers. Here are some tips on how to keep some of our favorites happy and healthy - from succulent care to green plant maintenance!  Read More about Cactus, Green Plant and Succulent Care »
Posted by Currans Flowers on April 4, 2017 | Last Updated: April 11, 2017 Plants

Gratitude for Administrative Professionals

Business owners and professionals spend a great deal of time thinking about all the things it takes to keep a successful business running- from sales to inventory, advertising to customer service, there are many important pieces to building a thriving business. One of the most important aspects of any profession are the people, especially those who keep the whole operation running smoothly. Administrative professionals keep a business organized, efficient, and polished. Each April, we celebrate these amazing individuals with Administrative Professionals Week. This year, consider Curran’s Flowers your go-to source for beautiful and professional arrangements that are perfect for the desk or office of your favorite administrative personnel.  Read More about Gratitude for Administrative Professionals »
Posted by Currans Flowers on March 28, 2017 | Last Updated: April 2, 2017 Admin Prof Day Flowers Plants