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Gardening Tips From the Curran’s Greenhouse

Since 1933, Currans Flowers, your local florist and greenhouse in Danvers, MA, has been your trusted source for both outdoor and indoor plants as well as seasonal flowers. We are even operating out of the same greenhouse on Park Street as we did in the 1940s, when the Curran brothers, Jim and Tom, would tend to a variety of indoor blooms, green plants, and outdoor beds. Therefore, when it comes to learning the best gardening tips for your own lush and vibrant garden, or houseplant collection, this family-owned and operated greenhouse will certainly offer the best advice.

How to Keep Your Plants Flourishing and Thriving


Currans Greenhouse Flowers in pots

Currans Greenhouse

Utilizing Pots

Most plants, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, greenery, small trees, and flowers, thrive in pots and containers. Find ones that are large enough to accommodate your plants and flowers as they continue to grow and flourish. Not only are pots designed to help your plants live their best life, but they also assist the plant if it becomes over-watered or under-watered. Utilizing pots also makes it more convenient, elegant, and meaningful if you want to send a live plant or bloom to the hospital for a loved one or to their home as a housewarming gift.

Hanging plants, baskets, and outdoor flowers from Currans Greenhouse

Currans Outdoor Plants

Feeding Tips

The perfect recipe for nourishing your garden includes high-quality soil and plant food or fertilizer. Both should be rich in nutrients and allow for easy drainage. Depending on if you pot your plants or create a colorful flower bed, pay attention to the recommended weight, textures, and other directions and tips that might be printed on the bag of potting mix or soil. Some gardeners also like to add a layer of mulch around each of their flowers and plants to discourage weeds from growing and reduce moisture loss.

Succulent plants from Currans Greenhouse

Currans Greenhouse Succulents

Watering Tips

While some plants require daily watering, others, like succulents, are low maintenance and more self-sufficient. The best watering tip we have is to keep an eye on your plants and let them tell you when they’re thirsty. If the soil is dry, their leaves are drooping, or the edges of their petals are turning brown, it might be time to give them a nice, big, refreshing drink. Use the three-second rule to ensure the water has fully drenched the soil underneath the green leaves and flowers. In some cases, watering just the leaves or overwatering the soil can lead to a diseased or unhealthy plant, so be sure you pay close attention to your specific plant’s needs as you watch it grow.

Inside Currans Greenhouse vibrant green plants and colorful flowers

Currans Greenhouse

Removing Dead Leaves & Flowers

A good practice to follow is ensuring your flowers and green plants are alive, healthy, and well by cutting off wilted flower heads, brown leaves, and other signs of dying or disease. This is especially important for perennials and annuals as this practice tells the plant to produce more beautiful petals and continue growing stronger roots and leaves instead of putting its natural energy into seed reproduction.

Pink Tulips from Currans

Currans Greenhouse Tulips

Selecting Seasonal Green & Blooming Plants

Find plants and flowers that are sure to do well in your specific climate, season, and the growing conditions you can offer both outside and inside your home. For example, tulips and winter greens are fantastic options during the cold months while hydrangeas, bedding plants, cut flowers, and popular moss baskets are wonderful for spring and summer. In addition, be prepared for frost if you are growing your plants and flowers outside or starting a garden in your yard. Be sure not to plant spring flowers and plants too early in the season or harvest your summer blooms and herbs too late. 

Visit Curran’s Greenhouse to find the perfect additions for your home garden and talk to our experts about more tips for keeping your green plants and blooming flowers alive, healthy, and flourishing to their greatest extent.