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How can you keep your love alive when you’re in a long-distance relationship? While we rely on text messages, phone calls, and virtual date nights to connect with our loved ones, sometimes it’s nice to send a romantic gift to keep your romance blossoming. Here at Currans Flowers in Danvers, we know a few things about love and romance. Romantic gestures can travel great distances to express your love and admiration for a special someone. To give you some ideas, we’ve created a list of our favorite heartfelt gift ideas.

Seven Surprises For Your Far Away Sweetheart


Being separated from your significant other means that enjoying mealtimes together is no longer a daily or weekly activity. So, how can you stay connected during simple life moments, like cooking dinner together, when you’re so far apart? Gifting your sweetheart a fun new cookbook means they’ll be able to try new recipes, or even perfect their favorites so that when you finally reunite, they can show off their fresh cooking skills. While you’re at it, get yourself the same cookbook so you can have virtual cooking dates and try creating the same meals together.

Scented Candle

Keep the romantic spark alive while you’re at a distance. A romantic candle with beautiful scents that remind your loved one of home, special moments, or simply something they love is a thoughtful and personal gesture. Personalize the jar or container with a unique label, such as a love note or a photo you took together to make it even more special.

Long-Distance Touch Lamp

These amazing long-distance touch lamps give you the ability to quite literally brighten up your partner’s day. When you have a pair of these lamps, simply touch one and the other will immediately glow, no matter how far apart they are. Send your loved one romantic messages or different colors to let them know you’re thinking of them. It’s easier than sending a text message!

Heart-Shaped Jigsaw

A romantic gift doesn’t need to be elaborate or elegant to be thoughtful. Simple things like a heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle are perfect tokens of love. Your significant other will enjoy staying busy with a fun puzzle while they wait until you’re able to be together again.

“What I Love About You” Book

A true gift from the heart is one created uniquely for your long-distance beau. Get creative or merely speak from the heart as you fill in the blanks to a “What I Love About You” book. Your significant other will cherish every page and word as they learn exactly what it is you love about them. The best part is that they’ll be able to revisit these pages whenever they need to hear a compliment or sweet words from the one they love the most.

Our handmade spa baskets are a great choice for many occasions that call for a relaxing treat. We've combined 2 generous bottles of beautifully scented soap and lotion with a scented candle made in Massachusetts......oh, and a box of luxurious Godiva chocolates accented with an exquisite phalaenopsis orchid blossom.

Spa Basket

Give your sweetheart a relaxing treat like our Spa Basket. They’ll love your gift of rest and relaxation while you’re apart. We’re sure they’ll especially enjoy diving into elegantly scented soaps, lotions, candles, and the most delectable box of Godiva chocolates. Nothing says, “I love you” quite like being pampered.

One of our best sellers, the Gentle Embrace is a sweet vase perfect for almost any occasion. It's compact design style makes it the perfect gift for home or office. The soft and subtle colors are easy on the eye and complement any decor. We've collected beautiful hydrangea, farm fresh premium roses and elegant cymbidium orchids and designed them in our signature cubes for easy transport.

Gentle Embrace

There’s nothing like being able to give your loved one a “Gentle Embrace” from afar. Brighten their day and let a warm smile appear on their face as they admire this soft pink and purple arrangement. This perfect gift incorporates hydrangea, premium roses, and cymbidium orchids nestled into our signature cubed vase.

Remember, the best and most appreciated gifts are ones that come from the heart. Make this moment special for you and your loved one. Our team at Currans Flowers knows that the most romantic gift is simply the thought of sending one.