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Posted by Currans Flowers on May 28, 2018 Uncategorized

Peony Perfection For Your Besties

In honor of National Best Friend’s Day on June 8, there’s peonies.

We here at Curran’s Flowers aren’t saying that peonies exist exclusively as a gift to give your besties, but we are saying that they are the perfect friendship flower. Think about it. Manifold layers as delicate as tissue paper, a soft, sweet fragrance, a pastel palette . . . There’s simply nothing more special than a peony, a flower as dramatic as roses but without the passion and ardor built in. Instead, a peony is a bright, uplifting bloom to offer. It’s romantic, modern and special-seeming.

Peonies by themselves in a design are enough, especially when you bring several complementary colors into the mix. A touch of green here and there helps set them off without detracting from their statement beauty. Our Perfect Peony Arrangement shows just how textured and striking they are, in their variety. Some unfurl quickly, others slowly. It’s like having a dynamic, living piece of art on your table. Perfect Peony arrangement in a glass vase

Your best friend deserves something as distinctive and beautiful as she is. Peonies not only capture the best of late spring and early summer in a vase, they speak to the spirit of special friendships as well.