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Discover How Easy and Beautiful Mums Can Be

Fall is the perfect time to discover the beauty and simplicity of chrysanthemums. These fabulous flowers are everywhere this time of year and reflect the colors and textures of the fall season. With over 40 species and thousands of varieties to choose from, in an array of colors, mums can adapt to whatever decor you choose for your autumn season. Plus, they’re so easy to care for, you’ll want to send these beauties to everyone you know in the Danvers area. Take a look at why the floral designers at Curran’s Flowers are so excited about fall mums. You’ll get excited too!

Daisy Mum

Daisy Mums

Daisy mums are one of the most popular varieties of chrysanthemums around. Their fresh, symmetrical petals surround a flat center disk in shades of green, yellow, or brown. Some daisy mums feature petals with different colors that look like they’ve been dipped in paint. A gorgeous example of these intriguing blooms is found in our Indoor Autumn Chrysanthemum Plant. Warm shades of gold and orange combine to create a gorgeous fall design.

Colorful Daisy Mums

Hanging Daisy Mums

Since daisy mums are so popular, we’ve found a way to include them in your garden, your indoor decor, and now they are featured in a hanging cone to dress up your front porch or terrace. Our Hanging Mum Cone takes on a unique shape while the bright yellow daisy mums add style and sunny color to any outdoor space.

Cushion Mum

Cushion Mums

Similar to daisy mums, cushion mums are a bit softer, rounder, and have slightly smaller petals, giving it a plumper appearance like a pin cushion. Yellow cushion mums with brown centers announce the coming of fall in our Northampton Vase Bouquet. Appearing like miniature sunflowers, these beauties make a fabulous accent to larger fall blooms.

Caring for Mums

Once you’ve chosen your favorite style of mums, in colors that complement your home’s autumn decor, you’ll want to keep them around as long as possible. This is super easy to do because mums are very low maintenance and can last a long time when properly cared for. First, be sure these happy flowers have all the sunshine they crave. Place in a sunny window or spot where they’ll receive plenty of natural light, but be careful of placing them near heat sources, like electrical appliances or heating vents. Mums also get thirsty, so refill and replace water regularly. Fill water back to the same water level daily and replace cloudy water with fresh, clean water whenever needed.

Enjoy the beauty of fall flowers when you feature chrysanthemums in your home or office, or send them as gifts. With so many varieties that are so low-maintenance, it’s easy to see why these beautiful blooms just might become your favorite fall flower, too! Talk to the floral experts at Curran’s Flowers for more great ways to include fresh fall mums in all of your fall celebrations.