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Currans Homegrown Tulips

homegrown tulipsIt’s time for tulips! Did you know that we have 4 greenhouses where our grower, Tim, will grow over 15,000 premium quality tulips unlike any available on the local market?  Tim has fine-tuned the program since we started 7 years ago.

We start in late fall planting, with our 1st harvest usually in January. This year due to warm/sunny conditions we are ahead of schedule.

We start with a special planting mix that we transfer into bulb growing trays. The tulips are planted by hand into the trays and then kept in a cool greenhouse (about 40 degrees) so they form a substantial root system. When we are ready to force the bulbs, we transfer them to a warmer greenhouse to finish them.

homegrown tulips

homegrown tulips

homegrown tulipshomegrown tulips

We cut them by hand when they start to show color and then hydrate them using a solution developed by dutch bulb growers. After they are bundled, we cool them in our coolers and offer them for sale.  Sometimes a customer may ask for a particular color not in the display case and we can walk them into the greenhouse where they can hand-select their color.

We grow several varieties that are colorful, long-lasting, and impressive.

Our customers ask for our own homegrown tulips all year because they have grown to appreciate the difference in quality. Our tulips last longer because they are hand-cut and available for purchase the same day. Cutting out up to a week of transportation and holding from conventional sources.

Make sure you stop into Currans Flowers to check out our wonderful homegrown tulips!

We take either 30 stems or 20 stems, depending on your preference and arrange them in classic envelope vase for this simple yet breathtaking arrangement. We cut fresh tulips daily and colors vary.