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Posted by Currans Flowers on November 30, 2021 | Last Updated: December 1, 2021 Uncategorized

How Flowers Can Bring Us Hygge This Holiday Season

As the snow falls and we turn on the fireplaces in our homes and the bottoms of our Christmas trees twinkle amidst our favorite decor, we feel a warm comfort and ease in stress. Some people may define this feeling as “hygge,” a Danish tradition of experiencing comfort, observing our surroundings, showing gratitude for the simplicities of life, being present, and connecting with our loved ones. Especially during the holidays, we can find hygge around the family dinner table, as we stroll through the neighborhood to admire Christmas lights and decor, and while we curl up with a big blanket and a good book or cup of tea. Here at Currans Flowers, the number one floral shop in Danvers, we also experience hygge through winter floral bouquets, whether in our own living room, in the center of a holiday dinner table, or as a gift to a loved one.

Finding Hygge in Winter Flowers

A spruce bouquet with red berries on a white kitchen table. Christmas decorations in the interior. The concept of preparing for the New year holiday.

Floral Arrangements Enhance Our Home

While we are filling our spaces with fluffy pillows, cozy blankets, serene candlelight, festive holiday decor, and other items that make us feel warm on the inside, we cannot forget to display a wonderful bouquet of fresh winter flowers. Between the seasonal colors, delicate petals, and whimsical greenery, flowers create an inviting space with the beauty of Mother Nature. Choose to place an arrangement on a shelf or scatter winter blooms through your seasonal garland and wreaths.

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Flowers Can Inspire New Traditions

While hygge can mean feeling cozy and getting comfortable, it also means stirring up warm fuzzy feelings inside of you, and what better way to do so than with creating new traditions with family and friends. Annual holiday traditions help us create memories, share laughs, and be present with our loved ones as we spend quality time together. Flowers can play a role in spurring new ideas and ways to celebrate the holidays with the people you love most. For instance, sending winter bouquets to those far away, gifting floral centerpieces to a host or hostess for the holiday table, selecting the best seasonal blooms with friends at your local florist, tending to your own winter flowers and greenery with your family, or making floral wreaths, garland, and holiday crafts with little ones.

Flower arrangement in small round red box of white flowers decorated with fir branches and christmas toys in woman's hands

Fresh Blooms Bring Us Peace

Elements of nature have a magical way of melting away our daily stress. Whether it’s a walk in the woods or a bouquet of fresh winter flowers, the positive effects are similar. When you look at a floral arrangement with pure white and bright red petals surrounded by a lush bed of greens, like eucalyptus, a blanket of peace seems to fall over our shoulders. This feeling is often referred to as hygge.

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Captivating Stems Urge Us to Be Present

An elegant floral arrangement or fun winter bouquet in our home is the perfect holiday reminder to literally “stop and smell the flowers.” While we scramble to decorate our homes, cook and bake for family meals, and hunt down the perfect presents for loved ones, we can sometimes miss out on the simple joys of the season. Flowers can be the gentle nudge we need to slow down, be present, observe the season, and connect with our loved ones.

Hygge can be described as “when the ordinary lights up your soul,” and here at Currans Flowers, we know our winter flowers and holiday arrangements do just that.