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Have Frightful Fun with Flowers This October

It’s October, the month of candy corn, haunted houses, scary movies, costumes, and trick-or-treating. As much as we love bobbing for apples at Currans Flowers in Danvers, we like to welcome in October, the month of Halloween, by celebrating some of the world’s most terrifying flowers. Take a look at these terrible beauties to get into the Halloween spirit along with us.

Warning: These flowers are not recommended for use in indoors!

Three Hair-Raising Flowers for Halloween

Titan Arum - Sumatran Corpse Flower

Titan Arum

This Sumatran flower gets its name from the Greek word for giant because of its unnaturally impressive size. The titan arum sprouts a center cone of flowers that can take the plant’s total height up to 20 feet, and the plant can stretch up to 16 feet wide. In addition to its imposing size, the titan arum emits an equally imposing stench. The flower’s unique aroma is said to resemble a combination of sweaty socks, rotting fish, chloraseptic, limburger cheese, and feces all topped off with a splash of mild sweetness. In other words, the air’s never fresh when a titan arum is in bloom.

Corpse Lily

Stinking Corpse Lily

Another terrible beauty from the island of Sumatra, the stinking corpse lily looks like something from another world. Although it grows no roots, stems, or leaves, this fungus-like plant boasts the largest single blooming flower on Earth. Individual blooms can grow up to nearly three-and-a-half feet across, the size of a small trampoline! In addition to the flower’s monstrous size and alien appearance, it also emits a strong odor akin to the scent of rotting flesh.


Hydnora Africana

If this dreadful flower looks familiar, you’ve probably seen its likeness used on screen. It’s said to have inspired the plant character from “Little Shop of Horrors.” It also closely resembles the monsters in “Tremors” and those from Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

The Hydnora Africana is a subterranean flower that spends nearly all of its time below ground, feasting on the roots of neighboring plants. When it’s ready to reproduce, its horrifying monster-mouth flower bursts above ground, emitting a strong, foul odor. The smell of feces attracts the pollinators of its choice, nearby dung beetles and flies. When the unsuspecting bugs land on its bright, red flesh, the flour snaps closed, trapping the insects, until they’re sufficiently smothered in pollen.

Frightfully Nose-Friendly Flowers for October

Thankfully, October floral arrangements feature plenty of flowers that are well-suited for domestic displays. These flowers can create a cozy or spooky Halloween atmosphere, without the unbearable stench of the afore-mentioned scary flowers.

Black Rose

Black Roses

If these roses look unnaturally creepy, that’s because they are! Although some rumors say otherwise, black roses don’t grow in nature. They’re actually made intentionally spooky with a special dying process. Black roses in all-black bouquets are perfect for a Halloween wedding or to add a macabre feel to a haunted house costume party. For a cheerier October vibe, you can add them to bouquets of orange and yellow flowers. Tie them off with festive ribbons or add picks featuring glittery plastic spiders, bats, and ghosts.

Orange Mums


Chrysanthemums are perfect for creating a happy atmosphere this October, as they traditionally symbolize cheerfulness. Perfect for autumn, their rich blossoms bloom in shades of yellow, gold, orange, red, and purple. These look beautiful framing a front door or arranged around the inside of your house. Fairly hardy, they’ll do well outside until the first frost.

Snapdragon Seed Pods

Snapdragon Seed Pods

Unlike black roses, these teeny-tiny skull-like seed pods do grow naturally. They start their lives as vibrantly colored snapdragons. After the blooms die and fall away, the seed pods open, leaving behind these ghoulish spears. Add a few to an arrangement or display them on their own. They’re sure to add a spooky vibe to any house for Halloween!

How to Decorate with Our Favorite Fall Flowers

Florists at Currans Flowers love autumn and all the beautiful, warmly colored floral arrangements that go with it. Whether you’re in need of a centerpiece for a harvest meal, floral arrangements for a costume party, or outdoor floral designs to deck out your front door, we’ll help you select the best flowers for October, like our Autumn Pumpkin Arrangement or our Autumn Pumpkin Planter.

Autumn Pumpkin Arrangement

Autumn Mumkin Planter

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