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Posted by Currans Flowers on October 19, 2019 | Last Updated: October 5, 2020 Uncategorized

Bring Inspired Fall Style to Your Front Porch

Anytime is a great time to decorate your front porch with a seasonal display, and fall is no different. Part of the fun of seasons changing is updating your home’s decor. Make your home fall-ready with some easy decor and quick additions to your front porch. You’ll give your home an inviting look and show off your creative spirit.

The floral experts at Currans Flowers know all about what makes a great seasonal display. We want to help you choose the perfect flowers, plants and display items to bring the beauty of fall right to your front porch. Take a look at some of our suggestions, tips, and find new reasons for celebrating fall with your home’s updated look.

Why Should You Include Front Porch Decor for Fall?

First of all, we would ask, why SHOULDN’T you include fall decor on your porch? When you decorate your home, inside and out, for a new season, you benefit from the process as well as the finished product. Here are a few ways we think you’ll enjoy fall more fully when you take a few extra steps to decorate your home and front porch for the season:

  • Welcome the Holidays. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, decorating for the fall season will help everyone get excited about the upcoming holidays.
  • Add Curb Appeal. Add a few beautiful fall flowers like our fun and fabulous Hanging Mum Cone, as well as pumpkins, corn husks and other details to give your front porch and home a fresh fall look. Anyone passing by will be thrilled to take a peek at your beautiful fall decor.
  • Inspire the Neighbors. When your neighbors see how creative and unique your front porch looks, they may want to try it for themselves. Sharing ideas and decorative items can bring a neighborhood together and create a beautiful block for everyone.
  • Welcome Guests. You want friends and family to feel welcome when they arrive at your house. As they approach the front door and are greeted with gorgeous fresh fall decor, they’ll start to feel right at home, right away.

Choose Fall Containers to Add Fresh Style

Autumn Pumpkin Arrangement

The containers you choose for your fall floral design will make a difference in your fall decor. Add rustic, natural materials like burlap, metal, and wood to your front porch for a harvest-inspired look. Here are some fun examples:

  • Watering Can: Plant sunflowers inside an old watering can for a fun, farm-fresh display.
  • Wooden Boxes/Crates: Stand wooden apple crates on their end and place floral designs like our Autumn Pumpkin Arrangement inside.
  • Tabletop Display: Your front porch’s seating area will look fabulous when you add pumpkins, gourds and succulents in abundance to a tray that fits the top your table. For a faster update, place a fresh blooming hardy mum plant like our Mumkin on your porch table.
  • Ladder: Lean a wooden ladder against the side of your front porch as shelves to display mini-pumpkins, gourds, succulents or beautiful fall flowers.

Feel Inspired to Get Creative With Fall Decor

Dried Cornstalks

Adding a few unique details to your classic fall style will be an inspiration to everyone and showcase your creative spirit and style. Here are a few fun tricks to try when updating your front porch for fall:

  • Painted Pumpkins: Instead of carving pumpkins, try painting them with a common color to create a pleasing eye-catching display.
  • Indian Corn: Tie fresh stalks of Indian corn in blazing fall colors to front porch posts with burlap or fall-inspired ribbons for a gorgeous fall display.
  • Wreaths: Adding a wreath for your front door is a quick, easy way to improve the look of your front porch. Wreaths can be changed quickly and easily, as well, so having a different wreath for every season is an excellent idea. For your fall wreath, include mini-pumpkins, puffs of cotton, or gorgeous sunflowers for a delightful fall look.
  • Chalkboard or Painted Sign: Add a chalkboard to your front door or stand it up in the window or across the arms of a rocking chair for a welcoming celebration of fall. Chalkboards are especially fun because your message can be changed from season to season.

There is no shortage of ideas for how to decorate your front porch for fall. The only question is how soon will you get started? With so many great ideas and so many rich textures, colors and natural elements available to use for decor, it’s easy and simple to make a beautiful fall porch. For more great ideas, talk to the floral designers at Currans Flowers and be sure to send beautiful fall flowers and plants to your friends and loved ones so they can get started on their front porches, too!