Urn Ark - White

Favorites in Ark - White

Opting for white flowers in urn surrounds and arc arrangements from Currans Flowers is a choice imbued with dignity, peace, and reverence. White flowers are a timeless selection, often associated with purity, serenity, and the honoring of a life lived with grace. They are a classic and elegant way to pay homage at memorial services, signifying a respectful farewell and a hopeful tribute to everlasting memories.

Currans Flowers, with their commitment to compassion and excellence, crafts these arrangements with the utmost care, ensuring that the beauty of each bloom speaks to the solemnity and sacredness of the occasion. The white flowers, from the delicate whispers of baby’s breath to the bold statements of lilies or roses, come together to create a sanctuary of calm around the urn, encapsulating both love and loss in their petals.

The arc of white flowers acts as a visual metaphor for the arc of a life, from its beginning to its celestial continuation, offering a symbolic embrace and a protective circle around the departed. Trusting Currans Flowers to provide these arrangements means entrusting them with the task of capturing the essence of remembrance through the language of flowers, creating a serene and poignant atmosphere that will be felt by all who gather to remember.

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