For the service (For Urn Arc - pink)

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Choosing pink flowers for urn surrounds and arc arrangements from Currans Flowers is a decision that brings a gentle touch of warmth and softness to a memorial service. Pink is a color that conveys compassion and love, making it an appropriate and beautiful choice to honor the memory of a loved one.

Currans Flowers, known for their sensitivity to their customers' needs during difficult times, crafts these arrangements with care, ensuring that each creation reflects the personality and spirit of the individual being remembered. Pink flowers, ranging from the palest blush to a more vibrant hue, can symbolize an array of sentiments, from gratitude to admiration, and a soft affection that speaks directly to the hearts of the bereaved. The urn surround, thoughtfully adorned with pink blooms, creates a focal point of natural beauty and symbolizes a circle of love and support that encompasses the departed. On the other hand, an arc of flowers stands as a symbol of the continuity of life and love, its shape echoing the notion of an embrace from those left behind.

Selecting Currans Flowers for these arrangements means choosing a florist who understands the importance of the occasion. It dedicates their craftsmanship to creating a fitting tribute that honors a life well-lived with the tender and hopeful message that pink blossoms carry.

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