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Posted by Currans Flowers on September 10, 2018 Uncategorized

September’s Self Care Tip: Plants!

September is self-care month, a time to slow down and remember to do something healthy and nurturing for yourself, and to encourage others to do the same. Getting in touch with nature is one great way to encourage a sense of healthy balance and well-being. Take a walk outside, spend time meditating in a nearby park, or simply bring some elements of nature to you. Gorgeous leafy potted plants will bring a sense of balance to your home as well. Curran’s Flowers suggests sending a wellness plant to someone you love, including yourself.

The striking appearance and delicate foliage of our Maiden Hair Fern makes it an excellent choice for your home or office, or to send as a gift. Brighten any space and give the gift of health and balance with this lovely, low-maintenance fern. Long-lasting and delightfully whimsical, this piece is delivered in our imported glass pot cover.

Maiden Hair Fern - Same Day Delivery, Danvers MA

Whether you include a potted plant in your favorite room at home or add a dish garden to your office decor, the floral experts at Curran’s Flowers know you’ll feel more connected to nature and generally balanced with leafy green foliage in your life. Talk to us today about some of our favorite plant options.