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Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Him

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Romance is in the air in Danvers, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re still trying to decide what to get for your boyfriend or husband for Valentine’s Day, our experts at Currans Flowers recommend flowers and plants. Yep, men actually like receiving flowers and plants just as much as women do for Valentine’s Day!

In fact, we’re delivering more and more bouquets to men every year on Valentine’s Day, and studies have actually shown that men who receive flowers are more open. They’re also more communicative, hold eye contact, and stand closer to those they love. So, if you’re hoping to create an intimate holiday for you and your significant other, we recommend skipping the aftershave and giving him flowers for V-Day.

Our 5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him


Our Autumn Orchid Collection features beautiful and long lasting dendrobium and mokara orchids. Flown in directly from Thailand, we're not sure if they appreciate the brisk fall New England mornings, but their outspoken colors do fit in perfectly with our famous foliage! A very elegant and simple display, this orchid collection will fit in nicely with any decor at home or at work. Small - 30 stems, perfect for an end table Medium - 40 stems, our most popular size, appropriate for a desk, countertop, or coffee table Large - 50 stems, for special occasions or from a group.

Autumn Orchid Collection

1. Contemporary Designs

Contemporary, modern designs are the best choice for men. These designs feature minimalist principles, compact silhouettes, use clean lines, and tend to feel more masculine than other floral looks. Our Autumn Orchid Collection, for example, offers a fresh take on a contemporary floral design with lush orchids in a fiery ombre arrangement. This design pairs everything back, so that the vibrant colors stand out.




Dish gardens are a green and growing expression – perfect for any occasion – with a burst of floral elegance.We will have complimenting fresh-cut, colorful blooms added to a lush dish garden of mixed green foliage plants, creating a gift with the fresh fragrance a bouquet and the long life of an easy to care for houseplant.

Dish Garden

2. Dish Garden Greenery

A dish garden bursting with leafy green plants will create an atmosphere of serenity — even in a hectic office environment. They’ll also help purify and replenish oxygen in the air, helping to keep your beau healthy. This planter features a mix of live leafy green plants and blooming peace lilies for a truly Zen vibe.






Red roses are the classic choice. Handpicked from beautiful farms in Ecuador and packed just for us! Our favorite variety is Freedom, pictured here. We chose them because of their large head and high petal count. Their rich red petals are captivating.

Long Stemmed Red Roses

3. Romantic Roses

Long-stemmed, red roses are the quintessential Valentine’s Day flower because they are the symbol of romantic love. These are appropriate for both men and women and are the perfect way to say “I love you” to someone special.






Our Luzon garden is a chic combination of elegant orchids and lush tropical foliage. Long lasting and colorful, this potted orchid garden is sure to please for quite some time.

Luzon Garden

4. Tropical Gardens

Tropical flowers bloom in a rainbow of fiery hues and feature flowers with interesting shapes and textures. Tropical flower arrangements are great for men, in addition to live gardens or tropical flowers. Our Luzon Garden includes a variety of beautiful, exotic plants, that also easy to care for. Including orchids, bromeliads, and an array of tropical foliage, this design will look lovely growing in an office or at home.







Our handmade gourmet baskets are a great choice for many occasions. We've combined snacks, preserves, and dips from a favorite New England vendor, Stonewall Kitchens, along with local honey from bees that have been raised in our community. Each basket is made with care from a seasonal selection of our gourmet offerings and items may vary slightly from the beautifully pictured basket.

Large Gourmet Basket

5. Flirtatious Foods

Everyone loves to snack, and if you know that the way to your guy’s heart is through his taste buds, then a gourmet gift basket is the way to go. This one features a variety of sweet and savory delicacies that he’ll be sure to love. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy this gift, too! Get ready to snuggle up, turn on a movie, and get your snack on with your favorite guy.





Where to Shop for Your Man’s Valentine’s Gift

We recommend ordering flowers and plants from a local shop whenever possible. With a local florist, you can count on great service and high-quality products. Plus, you’ll never be hit with unexpected delivery fees or processing charges. Whether you order online, in person, or over the phone, our florists at Currans Flowers can provide you with personalized recommendations to help you choose the perfect floral gift or plant for your man this Valentine’s Day.