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Give Flowers for Mother-in-Law Day

mother-in-lawMother-In-Law Day is a special time set aside for honoring and showing appreciation to the mother of your spouse. It is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of October. Are you ready for Mother-In-Law Day this year? For 2015, Mother-In-Law Day will be celebrated on Sunday, October the 26th.

Many mothers-in-law are almost like second mothers to a son or daughter’s spouse. This special holiday is perfect for showing love and appreciation to this extra “mom” we get to have, and the Mother-In-Law Day holiday has in fact been traditionally modeled after Mother’s Day.

Mother-in-Law Day History

You might be surprised to learn that Mother-in-Law Day has Texas roots. The first very Mother-In-Law Day holiday was the idea of a Lone Star state newspaper editor from the city of Amarillo. It was celebrated on March 5, 1934 as a day set aside just for honoring mother-in-laws.

It’s About Showing Appreciation

Some daughters- or sons-in-law can have doubts about the best way to celebrate this holiday, but it’s actually very easy to do so. Since the Mother-In-Law Day holiday has been modeled after Mother’s Day, many of the same types of gifts are perfect for honoring this special day. One of the best ways to show your mother-in-law that you care is with a flower gift bouquet.

While there is a prevailing cliché that the relationship with a mother-in-law tends to be “complicated,” many people have wonderful connections with their spouse’s Mom. No matter what your status, the Mother-In-Law Day holiday is ideal for reaching out, making a gesture of kindness, and showing that you care. Here are some ideal Mother-In-Law Day gift ideas:


Sunflower Surprise

A Sunflower Surprise

Overflowing with radiant sunflowers in a chiffon-wrapped glass vase and accented with a gorgeous bow, A Sunflower Surprise is sure to make your mother-in-law’s day in a sunny way.


Lavender Expression

Lavender Expression

With pretty hydrangea, lavender roses and other gorgeous blooms, the compact Lavender Expression Bouquet is like a breath of fresh air.
Make it a Happy Day

Pink Gerbera daisies, orange roses, blue hydrangea and more create the bold and vibrant design of the Happy Day Bouquet, and it’s sure to help make your mother-in-law’s day a special one.

You only have one mother-in-law, and you want to make this connection as strong and loving as possible. Sending flowers for Mother-In-Law Day can be the perfect way to show you care and that you’re thinking of her. Consider these flower gift ideas and Contact Curran Brothers Flowers to place your order.