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Perfect Fall Flowers

No display in nature is quite as radiant as the fiery shades of crimson, orange, yellow, and gold bursting from the trees and blanketing the ground in fall. With these tips from our florists, you can bring the beauty of autumn into your home with fall flowers, seasonal decorations, and a divinely festive recipe.

fall flowers


To create a smooth transition from the majesty of autumn outdoors into your home, be sure to decorate the outside of your home as well as the inside. Start by placing pumpkins along your front walk way or driveway. Display an array of potted mum plants decorated with seasonal ribbons, accents, and whicker planters; mums are the quintessential fall flowers and no autumn feels complete without them. Another great idea is to use locally grown mums and put them in a reusable pumpkin pot! We call this our mumkin, and it has quickly become a local favorite! It is a great decoration for the front of your home or office.

To incorporate the colors of autumn into the interior of your home, you do not have to undertake any major redecorating projects. Simply, switch out the small, easily changeable elements of your existing decor for seasonal ones. These items might include rugs, throw pillows and blankets, tablecloths or table runners, napkins, placemats, and towels in the colors of the season. Create a visual focal point with a beautiful centerpiece of fall flowers featuring yellow, orange, and deep red blooms, warmly burning candles, and a festive ribbon. You can also create visual interest throughout your home with arrangements of fall flowers like our Autumn Orchid Collection, which features sprays of red and yellow orchids in a unique glass vase.

In addition to coloring your home for autumn, incorporating seasonal decorations will also give your home a festive feeling for the entire season. Place ceramic pumpkins and scarecrows around your house. You can even fill a whicker cornucopia with decorative corn, freshly picked apples, or plentiful fall flowers.

Once your house has been decorated with all of the visual elements associated with autumn, you will also want to make sure your home features an inviting scent to complement the decor. To create this effect, boil cinnamon sticks, clove, and lemon or orange peel on the stovetop.

Whatever creative elements you use to decorate your home this autumn, our professional florists at Curran Brothers can help you select the perfect arrangements of yellow, orange, red, and purple fall flowers with which to adorn your home. We wish you a healthy and happy harvest season!