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How to Make Your Backyard a Relaxing Oasis

A relaxing, peaceful yard is inviting, enjoyable, and provides a great place to entertain friends and family. Make the most of your backyard space by designing a lush oasis you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Also, stop by Curran’s Flowers for the best selection of plants and flowers for your personal paradise.

Your Guide to Creating A Relaxing Backyard Retreat

Tropical Plants

Get Your Greenery On

The more foliage the better! Get plants of different sizes, shapes, leaf color, etc. Tall trees and large-leafed plants provide shade and create a look of lushness while ground cover vegetation and crawling vines on fences and trellises help propagate the look of abundance. Develop layers of foliage by planting them at different levels to create depth and texture. Tropical plants and plants with brightly-colored leaves offer a surprise pop of color amongst all the greenery.

Green Plant

Colorful and Exotic Flowers

Bring charm and excitement to your backyard oasis with brightly-colored flowers. For an element of surprise or to feel like you’re far away, opt for several exotic blooms to add mystery and intrigue to your landscape. Orchids, Reg Ginger, and Birds of Paradise are good selections. Also include fragrant flowering shrubs to enjoy their intoxication aroma.

Water Feature

Add a Water Feature

Water sounds can transport far away and immediately instill a sense of tranquility. You can go big with a swimming pool, or keep it more low-key with a hand-made waterfall constructed from a decorative pot or stones, or garden pond or koi pond, stone birdbath or fountain.

Create an Alluring Butterfly Garden

Attract wildlife with flowers that butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds are likely to find appealing. This usually consists of intense and bright colors such as orange, yellow, and red flowers and, for hummingbirds, are in a tubular shape.

Backyard Soft Lighting

Provide Soft Lighting

Keep your backyard retreat open until the wee hours of the night by stringing up soft lighting in the form of small lights or lanterns for ambiance. Citronella candles evoke a romantic atmosphere while also keeping the bugs at bay.

Outdoor Seating

Creature Comforts

With such a beautiful, lush, and relaxing backyard, you and your family will want to spend a lot of time in it so be sure to include soft, cushiony, and durable furniture for relaxing in. If you’re in a particularly hot climate, ceiling fans may be required too.

With a little investment of time and money, you can turn your backyard into a permanent resort-like getaway. You may never want to leave it again!