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Flowers We Never Forget

Every Easter, my mom sends my family a beautiful arrangement of Calla lilies. It’s her way of staying connected to us even when we can’t be together for that holiday. My children know “Grandmother’s been here” when they see a new arrival of lilies each spring, and we always send her a Thank-You picture of all of us together in our Easter dresses next to her flowers. The tradition of receiving these beautiful flowers is just as meaningful as the gesture itself. Currans Flowers knows that including flowers in part of your family traditions makes the occasion even more meaningful, and it gives that particular flower special meaning, too.

A gorgeous way to send Calla lilies to your loved ones is with our Calla Lily Beauty bouquet. This gorgeous arrangement of cut lilies stands out in a modern clear glass vase that shows off the beautiful stems in this arrangement. Enjoy tropical foliage that lends a sophisticated look to the entire arrangement.

Calla Lily Beauty

Every time we see Calla lilies my children think of their grandmother because she’s made that connection for them over the years. Set new traditions or mark existing ones with a bouquet of favorite flowers from Currans Flowers and build memories to last.