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Maximize Anticipation – Deliver Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Early

Store displays are turning pink and red, while their shelves fill up with teddy bears and heart-shaped boxes of fancy chocolates. This can only mean one thing; Valentine’s Day is almost here! Our Danvers florists at Currans Flowers are here to remind you that the best to enjoy the company of your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day is to do so without any unnecessary stress. Be sure to make all your arrangements in advance including dinner reservations, gifts, and flowers, of course!

We've taken 18 of our farm direct premium long stemmed roses, cut them down...yes we cut them down...and designed them in our easy to handle imported Dutch Conner vase for a beautiful, impressive display. Our longest roses also have the most petals which is why we chose to use them in this creative design.

Lush Rose Bouquet

Benefits of Delivering Valentine’s Day Flowers in Advance

Amplify the Excitement and the Romance

This year, February 14th falls on a Friday, which makes it perfect for creating an entire week of romance, excitement, and anticipation. When you have your flowers delivered early, on Monday, your significant other will feel extra-special and enjoy the anticipation of the main event.

Avoid Anxiety

Waiting until the last minute to purchase flowers for Valentine’s Day is one of the most stressful things you can do. Selections will be extremely limited, and you’ll have to fight the crowds. Having everything in order before the most romantic day of the year arrives is one of the most romantic things you can do for your sweetheart.

included all the favorites, like orchids, roses, and hydrangea in this design. Arranged in our imported Dutch Cosmo Vase.

Precious Love

Save Money

Flowers are usually sold at reduced prices in January, which means ordering V Day flowers early could save you some cash. What’s more romantic than saving money? Putting that money toward a fancy Valentine’s dinner or romantic activity!

Order Your First Choice

Florists sell millions of bouquets on Valentine’s Day, which means the most sought-after blooms, colors, and designs sell out surprisingly fast. To make sure you get to choose from a complete selection and order your first choice in designs, it’s best to beat the crowd to it.

Easy Delivery

Valentine’s Day is also the busiest day of the year for bouquet deliveries, and jam-packed delivery schedules reflect that. In order to obtain a delivery time that works for you and your recipient, it’s important to order your flowers and schedule delivery in advance. We do our best to accommodate all the requests we receive, but ordering late for Valentine’s Day could leave you stuck with an inconvenient delivery slot.


My Sweet Valentine Bouquet

My Sweet Valentine Bouquet

How Soon Can You Order?

Orders for Valentine’s Day flowers often come in as early as the middle of January. To make sure you get to choose from a great selection and are able to schedule a delivery time that works for you, we recommend ordering at least one week in advance.

Expect a Beautiful Bouquet When You Order from Our Local Danvers Florist

At Currans Flowers, our florists always guarantee high-quality products created with the freshest and most beautiful flowers available. When you order from our local flower shop for Valentine’s Day, you can rest easy knowing your special someone will receive a beautiful bouquet with a personal touch. Plus, you’ll never incur unexpected delivery fees or processing charges. Whether you order in person, over the phone, or online, our florists are always available to answer your questions and help you make the perfect selection for celebrating Valentine’s Day.