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Blooms to Match Color Trends of Fall 2021

When we think of fall colors our mind typically goes to yellow, orange, red, and brown hues. As the leaves change into these beautiful colors and the fall foliage creates a stunning landscape, our home decor and fashion trends reflect the change of season, too. While they are often influenced by the natural tones of Mother Nature, every year we see new color trends to help brighten up the tone of fall. This year, Pantone is predicting unique color trends for the 2021 fall and winter, and here at Currans Flowers, the best florist in Danvers, we are pairing these hues with our favorite flowers.

Pantone’s Fall Color Trends & Your Favorite Fall Flowers

Green Hues

Jeweled tones, like emerald green, have become popular autumn colors in home decor, fashion, and even fall flower arrangements as rich greenery creates an eye-catching, lush, and full bouquet. This year, Pantone is talking about more than your favorite hunter green, but adding “leprechaun” and “olive branch” to their list of autumn green hues. Enter fresh eucalyptus, green hydrangea, lucky orchids, sweet succulents, and more green blooms and plants to our fall flower lineup.

Blue Hues

Cool blues rarely come to mind when we think of fall hues, but Pantone is about to change this by adding “spring lake,” Mykonos blue” and “rhodonite” to the 2021 autumn color trends. This autumn, you can admire blue flowers in your home like blue hydrangea, blue thistle flower, blue orchids, blue aster, blue iris, and blue delphinium.

Yellow Hues

Fall crops, like corn and squash, and signature fall foliage have given yellow a tall pedestal to stand on. So while we admire this “golden hour” of seasons, Pantone’s “illuminating yellow” is finding its way into our seasonal flower arrangements. Autumn blooms like daisies, gladiolus, mums, sunflowers, roses, and Craspedia billy balls are among the golden yellow tones to welcome into your home.

Pink Hues

Summer and spring aren’t the only seasons that get to enjoy pink hues. Fall 2021 is expected to be full of sweet, flirty, fun, and vibrant pinks, like Pantone’s “pale rosette” and “fuchsia fedora.” Embrace this new perspective of fall with home decor, fashion, flowers, accessories, and more incorporating both vibrant and soft pink tones. Autumn floral bouquets with alstroemeria, roses, gerbera daisies, lilies, gladiolus, and more of your favorite pink blooms are definitely “in” this season.

Red Hues

Warm up this fall with Pantone’s “fire whirl.” This bold, cherry red hue not only steers our minds towards cozy red flannels, scarfs, and hats but also big red mugs of hot coffee, tea, cider, or chocolate and picking red delicious apples. Enhance your home this season with red sunflowers, carnations, roses, or classic mums.

White Hues

“No white after Labor Day” is a rule we are more than willing to break as Pantone’s “soybean” and “coconut cream” have established their place as trending fall colors. From white pumpkins and faux fur home decor to off-white jackets and sweaters, white tones are becoming more and more popular in autumn. Create hygge in your living room with fresh white blooms like hydrangea, lilies, anemones, daisies, roses, and orchids. 

Brown Hues

Pantone’s “adobe” and “root beer” celebrate the natural brown tones of the autumn season. As a neutral shade that pairs perfectly with each of your favorite fall colors to create a warm and festive pair or palette, there is no wonder why fall fashion and autumn decor are trending with browns. A wonderful and fun way to utilize these browns in flower bouquets is by choosing blooms with large, stunning brown centers like sunflowers and daisies, or with decorative twigs and sticks.

Fall flower arrangements are just as breathtaking, fresh, and fabulous as spring and summer flower arrangements. They provide natural and living decor for your home to truly liven up and freshen up your home. We are certain that you will find the perfect autumn blooms here at Currans Flowers to match the trends of the season and seamlessly blend into your home decor.

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A fascinating arrangement bursting with lush blooms of roses, kale, orchids, and orange pincushion protea. Arranged in a rectangular vase, the array of autumn colors is a visual delight.

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