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Posted by Currans Flowers on July 2, 2018 | Last Updated: August 11, 2020 Uncategorized

The Trips You Take Through Flowers

Often after an exciting trip overseas, it can be difficult to return to regular day-to-day life while holding onto the memories made. If you and a loved one need a little reminder of how wonderful your experience was, consider sending them flowers from that location with a note to tell them you loved your time together there. The floral designers at Curran’s Flowers have some excellent ideas about how you can reflect the spirit of your far-away travels in a beautiful bouquet of flowers from that region.

One such arrangement is this sweet Bordeaux, a mix of red roses and pink hydrangea straight from Holland. Contained in a modern cube vase, this display comes accented with seasonal green foliage and is lush enough to bring back memories of that incredible trip through Europe. Holland especially is known for its amazing flowers and can be revisited in your memory any time you like with a gorgeous bouquet that reflects its beauty.


If you need a quick shot of nostalgia from your favorite vacation, or want to send one to your traveling companion, talk to the floral experts at Curran’s Flowers about designing a special arrangement just for you. We will artfully combine the flower of the region with the mystique of travel to create a truly magical memory for you to share.