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Show Your Love with Flowers this Mother’s Day

mother's dayThere are few relationships more cherished than that of the mother and child. On May 8th, we will celebrate that bond on Mothers’ Day – and although the holiday is well known, there are some surprising facts behind the day that you may not know.

mother's dayThe founder of Mothers’ Day was not even a mother – she was never married, and never had a family. Instead, Anna Jarvis campaigned for the establishment of the holiday to honor her mother; who dreamed of seeing a national day set aside to recognize women. Anna’s mom had spent her life organizing women to be active in important causes. The gatherings are known as “Mother’s Work Days” gave women practical advice as to parenting, as well as rallied them to fight for better health conditions for their children. Similarly, her “Mother’s Friendship Days” put mothers of fallen Confederate and Union soldiers in the same room, to promote peace, reconciliation and healing.

Later in her life, Anna Jarvis regretted her efforts, citing anger at how commercial the day had become when it had been created as a quiet, prayerful event. But Mothers’ Day was not to go away, and today is one of the most popular days on our calendar. Statistics tell us that nearly 123 million phone calls will be made to our mothers; and that nearly $17B will be spent on cards, candy, jewelry and dining out. Flowers are also one of the most popular gifts, with almost two-thirds of people in the United States planning to give flowers to their mothers, or the special women in their life who are mothers.

mother's dayCurrans Flowers looks forward to delivering beautiful floral arrangements to all the Danvers area moms. If we can help you to choose a special arrangement for your mother, give us a call or stop by to speak to one of our expert florists.