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Sending Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowersWhen someone passes away, it can be very challenging to find the right thing to do or say. For the family and friends of the grieving, however, sometimes the best gift can be something that just lets them know they have not been forgotten in their pain. A gift of sympathy flowers is often the perfect way to say that you care. These flowers can be sent to the funeral home and used to make the memorial service lovely. Other flowers might be sent to the home of those in mourning, letting them know that they are never far from your thoughts.

At Curran’s Flowers, we have had the honor of helping many customers find the perfect arrangement to reflect their sympathy. Here are a few of our favorite choices that might work well for your particular situation.

Elegant White Wicker Basket

This white sympathy basket is comprised of a number of different beautiful white flowers, such as white roses, white orchids, white lilies and gerbera daisies, making this arrangement an incredible reflection of sympathy in the symbolism for the different flowers. Lilies, for example, are used to during funerals to symbolize the innocence of the soul in death. White roses are used to similarly reflect innocence, as well as reverence and humility. The white orchid then is commonly used to convey love and sympathy. By combining these different flowers into a single basket, the expression of sympathy will be clear. The classy basket can then be used in the funeral home or sent to the personal residence of the recipient.

Red Rose Standing Spray

A standing spray is perfect for the funeral home, helping to dress up the room and show reverence for the deceased. The classic red rose is a wonderful flower to use for this very purpose. The simplicity yet the elegance of the red rose makes it a perfect choice. It is a classic symbol of love and admiration, which are wonderful emotions to elicit during a memorial.

Green Cymbidium

As already mentioned, the orchid is an elegant way to let people know that you will always care. This flower is placed inside the creative and unique European-inspired vase. This will help it stand out as a sign of life and hope, even when everyone feels enveloped by their grief.

Giving flowers is a wonderful way to let the bereaved know that they are cared for by their loved ones. Use flowers to make the memorial feel welcoming yet stunning, or send them directly to the home to be enjoyed by the family members privately. Whatever the decision may be, trust Curran’s Flowers to help you find the arrangement that will best fit your needs.