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Posted by Currans Flowers on April 2, 2018 Uncategorized

Our Refreshing Spring Gift To You

Straight from our greenhouses here at Curran’s Flowers comes a whole host of spring plants and flowers, more vivid and robust than we could ever have expected. Maybe it’s the fact that it isn’t quite spring for us yet here in the Danvers area that makes these beauties appear so vivid, so vibrant. The pinks, blues, yellows and greens we see blossoming in our greenhouses will look even more enchanting when they’re enjoyed in the context of a home.

We tend to do a deep clean of our homes in spring, or at the very least, we assess what needs to stay and what needs to go for the coming season. We box and store items or bag them up and donate them—the things we’ve outgrown or no longer have a purpose for, the items we’ve been meaning to address for forever. This cleaning helps purify and clarify our homes for the warmer months, and it makes us feel renewed as well. Plants and flowers can be a huge part of this transformation, since they bring in life and help regulate the air quality of a space. Consider the refresh just introducing our Large Blue Hydrangea Plant could have on your home. Currans Large Blue Hydrangea Plant - Same Day Delivery, Danvers MA

What we love about hydrangeas is their lush appeal, with row upon row of delicate petals unfolding into mini flowers in the bluest of blues. Put this at your front door entry, on the dining room table or around the fireplace and say hello to instant spring.