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Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Host

Being invited to a Thanksgiving celebration is an exciting moment. You get to anticipate a fun day with loved ones and you don’t have to put the whole thing together! But you do have one responsibility: a hostess gift. There are tons of great options for hostess gifts, but neglecting to bring one is not one of them.

Your hostess gift might vary depending on your situation, how well you know your host and the other guests, and your role in the day. The gift experts at Currans Flowers are here to break down the long and short of hostess gifts so you can be sure to show up, show out and kick off Thanksgiving Day with a bang.

Why Should You Bring a Hostess Gift?

Bringing a hostess gift is a time-honored tradition that exudes good etiquette. But beyond the manners, it’s important to let your hostess know how thankful you are for their invitation. They’ve worked hard to plan and prepare an all-out feast, spending a lot of time, money and energy to create a memorable day. Say thank-you with a gift that supports their efforts and blesses them even after the last dishes have been cleared.

What Is Friendsgiving and How Can You Help?

red candle with purple and yellow flowers

Pillar Candle Centerpiece

Friendsgiving is a new-ish trend turned tradition as it grows in popularity. The basic idea is friends getting together prior to Thanksgiving Day to enjoy and celebrate each other. It can take on a traditional Thanksgiving feel or be a bit more eclectic. Should you be invited to a Friendsgiving, your host undoubtedly hopes for some help from guests to bring it all together, so find out what they need and bring that for your hostess gift. Here are a few common needs a Friendsgiving host might need:

  • Side Dishes: Anything besides the turkey and gravy is welcome, since the hostess will most likely be taking care of that. Be sure to consider your vegan and gluten-free friends when preparing your dish.
  • Desserts: There can never be enough desserts, but feel free to get creative. While we associate various pies with Thanksgiving, no one’s going to turn away delicious bars, cookies, or cake.
  • Utensils and Decor: Your hostess may value some help with serving utensils, extra serving dishes, or even decor. Send our festive Pillar Candle Thanksgiving Centerpiece to light up the table and add cheerful color to the spread.

What If Your Mother-in-Law is the Hostess?

purple lit candle with white pumpkin

Fall Scented Candle

If you’re headed to your in-laws for Thanksgiving, all the more reason to bring an impressive hostess gift and start the day on the right foot. Think sophisticated and appropriate, but also make sure you know what they like.

  • Bottle of Wine or Scotch: Especially if you know your in-laws favorite liquors, choosing a bottle of their favorite will make a great impression.
  • Fall-Scented Candle: Something that can be enjoyed during Thanksgiving or throughout the fall season will be a welcome treat and show your thoughtfulness.
  • Personalized Tea Towels: Whether monogrammed by hand or simply donning a design that matches their kitchen, your in-laws will love something personal to them that shows you’ve been paying attention.

What Gifts Can You Bring to a Traditional Thanksgiving?

two orange candles in center of yellow and orange flowers and greenery

Double Candle Centerpiece

If your planning to attend a more relaxed affair that’s fairly predictable, feel free to indulge your hostess with a gift that helps them entertain the whole crowd. Send our classic Double Candle Thanksgiving Centerpiece ahead of time to give your hostess a lovely centerpiece for her dining or serving tables. Then, show up with any of the following to make the day memorable:

  • Entertainment: Gift your hostess with an entertaining, family-friendly game everyone can enjoy. She’ll be grateful for the assistance in keeping everyone engaged and you’ll help the whole crew make new memories.
  • Toys for the Kids: If there will be kids, bring an age-appropriate Lego set, puzzle or board game they can enjoy together. Busy kids mean relaxed parents, and your hostess will love the conversation that ensues.
  • Don’t Forget the Pets: Don’t forget your hostess’ pets. She knows they’ll be a factor in the day’s activities, so a treat or new toy for the family cat or dog will be a thoughtful token.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to celebrate everything we’re grateful for, including each other. Show your thankfulness to the one bringing everyone together when you arrive with a fabulous hostess gift that’s both thoughtful and helpful. Your hostess will be so glad they invited you, you’ll secure a seat at next year’s table, too! For more great gift ideas, talk to the experts at Currans Flowers. We’re here to help and want you to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving.