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Go Green For Earth Day

Since 1970, the United States has set aside a day to remember the value and beauty that our world offers us. From the flowers to the trees, the plants all around us create a stunning natural world that we all need to care for. Curran’s Flowers has set out to create some plant arrangements that make it easy to welcome this holiday into you home.

The Ball Cacti Collection from Curran’s Flowers provides you with a beautiful reminder of the diversity and beauty found in plant life. The cacti have been placed in imported European glass containers that add to their sleek design. The cacti are then accented with lovely stones that create a modern look.

Imported European glass containers and accented with stones in this very contemporary presentation. Approximately 8

The florists from Curran’s Flowers have also design the lovely Maiden Hair Fern. This arrangement consists of a beautiful fern that has been placed in a sleek white container. The free-flowing ferns reminds of all us about the plants that add such rich color to our world.

Maiden Hair Fern - Same Day Delivery, Danvers MA

Either of these arrangements will fit perfectly for Earth Day. The brilliant green found in both will lighten up any room. They will serve well anywhere in your home or office. They will look beautiful as a centerpiece, on a mantle, or an end table. Give them as a gift of keep one for yourself.

Celebrating Earth Day with one of the beautiful arrangements from Curran’s Flowers is a wonderful way to bring the beauty of the natural world inside. Either one of these selections will be a fantastic addition to any space.