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Gifts for Secretaries Week

secretaries weekNational Administrative Professionals Day occurs – appropriately enough – right in the middle of Administrative Professionals Week, the last week of April. This annual observance may not be an official holiday, but is still recognized around the world as a day to honor those in the workforce who often don’t get the gratitude they should.

secretaries weekOver the years, the job description and job titles have changed to reflect the changing dynamics in the workplace. Today’s administrative professionals are multi-faceted and multi-talented – we’ve come a long way from the secretarial pools o the 1950’s. These critical employees handle customer relations, juggle our calendars and plan company event; in fact, a recent informal social media survey revealed that two-thirds of respondents felt that administrative and support personnel were more important to the health of an organization than the executives.

On April the 27th, let these very important personnel know just how indispensable they are. Orchids and other exotic flowers are a perfect accompaniment for a desk; lotus flowers, bamboo and money trees are unique conversation starters that represent wealth and prosperity. Whatever your choice of arrangement, a gift from Curran’s Flowers will bring beauty and grace to anyone’s workspace. As we have discussed in the past, green plants are more than just décor – a green plant adds pure oxygen to a room, and contributes to an improved state of mind and increased productivity, exactly what every office needs.

secretaries weekNational Administrative Professionals Week recognizes the incomparable contributions of our support personnel – both to our individual businesses and to the local Danvers area economy. Don’t forget, Currans Flowers also has a wide selection of gift and gourmet baskets that your employees will absolutely love – call us today, and be ready for April 27!