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Friendship Day Celebrates Friends & Sisters

Friendship Day

Friendship is one of the most special relationships we will ever experience. And when your best friend is also your sister, the bonds are virtually unbreakable. Experts tell us that having strong connections with sisters from our early years will allow us to become happier, more confident and optimistic adults. That alone is a great reason to celebrate her! August 6 is both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day, and both give us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the women who have been a part of our lives for years.

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Did You Know? Yellow roses are the official flower of friendship, and represent not only this special relationship, but loyalty, wisdom and happiness.

Experts tell us that when we grow up with sisters, we enjoy many positive effects. For instance, people with sisters are generally more charitable human beings. Perhaps having to share everything from a bedroom to clothing and friends makes us more likely to be generous! Those with sisters are also more confident and willing to try new things, which experts attribute to having a safe place to discuss ideas and deep emotions.
friendship daySimilarly, a close friend functions much like a sister, especially when no sister is present. Strong friendships teach us how to navigate the world, from the early days of learning to share to more adult pursuits such as setting goals and establishing priorities.

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