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Floral Gemstones for July

floral gemstonesSince the earliest cultures, people have considered the natural elements to embody deep significance. Nature was thought to emanate mystical powers, and to provide both physical and spiritual protection. In ancient times, rare gemstones were coveted by rulers who believed that they brought good fortune, as well as great power and wealth. Through the centuries, birthstones emerged to represent each month on the calendar, a tradition believed to have been inspired by the 12 gemstones embedded on the breastplates of the Jewish priests in Biblical writings. It was further considered good luck to wear the appropriate birthstone each month, to ensure that the spiritual powers inherent in the gem would be transferred to the wearer.

floral gemstonesThe luxurious and passionate red ruby is considered one of the most precious gemstones in the world. The iconic deep color it is famous for is exceptionally rare in nature – in fact, most rubies that can now be purchased have been color-treated to enhance their hue. Legend tells us that a true ruby will grant great wealth, prosperity and good fortune to one who wears it. It is also said to chase away evil spirits and cause nightmares to cease, resulting in deep peace. No wonder it was so coveted in ancient tribal cultures.

floral gemstonesYou may not have the opportunity to give a ruby to all of those in your life celebrating July birthdays, but the creative floral designers at Currans Flowers have a meaningful way to make them feel cherished. We have designed lavish bouquets using some of the richest red flowers in nature, allowing you to send a ruby red floral gift to celebrate their day. From the luxurious decadence of roses to the fiery passion of red ginger – these gorgeous flowers embody the essence of the ruby, expressed in floral form. Simply come in to discuss your loved one with the Currans flowers, and let their artistic skill and creative eye take over, designing a one of a kind floral arrangement or bouquet.

Let them know that they are precious and rare, with a personalized birthstone birthday bouquet from Currans Flowers.