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February Weddings, Anniversaries and Engagements

February weddings

February is National Wedding Month, a fact that may surprise people here in Danvers. After all, February doesn’t seem to be the most opportune time to hold a wedding ceremony. June, August,and September are ranked as the top 3 months nationwide to plan a wedding, and February weddings are really far down that list. If you were wondering why National Wedding Month would be placed at this location on the calendar, read on! Curran’s Flowers has all the information you need – and all the flowers you need for a beautiful event.
February weddingsYou would think February has all the romance it can handle, with Valentine’s Day taking place right in the middle of the month. And the holiday does inspire quite a bit of activity in regards weddings and proposals – 6 million couples celebrate their engagement every year, and the day is one of the most popular for weddings as well. With so many weddings annually, there are also an ever-increasing number of anniversaries celebrated on this special day. Perhaps these statistics are the reason for February being National Wedding Month?

February weddingsHere is the Real Reason: According to the National Association of Bridal Consultants, the designation actually has more to do with Christmas and New Years. Those two holidays combined comprise the largest number of marriage proposals made throughout the year. The timing of that influx of newly engaged couples results in a sharp uptick in serious wedding planning come February – hence the title of National Wedding Month!
february weddings

If you have just gotten engaged, congratulations! Now is the perfect time to line up your wedding floral consultants at Curran’s Flowers. Experts say that you should secure this service between 6-8 months before your event. And with 2.4 million weddings annually in the U.S. (that’s 6,200 per day!), it’s good to know that you have the best Danver’sĀ area florist hired and working on your behalf. It’s going to be a beautiful wedding!