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Decorating with Flowers for Outdoor Parties

outdoor partiesWe all love spending time outdoors in the summer. With many hours of sunlight in the evening and the kids relaxing, it is the perfect season to get together with friends and family to enjoy the leisurely pace.

outdoor partiesMany people spend countless hours preparing lawns and yards, carefully cultivating their gardens. However, not everyone has either the time or the space to plant a beautiful outdoor oasis. If you would love to be surrounded by vibrant flowers but don’t have a green thumb – or perhaps your outdoor space is concrete rather than grass – Curran’s Flowers has vibrant and creative ways to “grow your garden.”. Start with a whimsical, artistic or rustic container; add vivid cut flowers or hardy plants for a meadow-inspired arrangement that will enhance the vibe of any space.

outdoor parties outdoor parties

If you are planning an outdoor dinner party or backyard barbecue, you can quickly decorate with potted plants and baskets scattered throughout the area. You can choose fresh flower stems for a springlike flair; kalanchoe or azalea for a classic garden vibe; or lush orchids and lilies to transform Danvers into a tropical paradise. The benefits of arranging potted plants outdoors include that you can move them around, from sun to shade – even back inside when necessary. For those with a backyard deck or furnished patio, these baskets and pots make wonderful seasonal décor; whether sitting on a pedestal or hanging from a hook, flowers add life and color to your space.

outdoor partiesAdd unique and chic décor with flexibility and creativity. If you love being outside, stop into Currans Flowers for beautiful ideas for your summer outdoor decorating and entertaining.