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Currans Cornucopias

Have you been given the task of decorating the Thanksgiving table, or maybe you are giving the hostess duty to someone else, but want to bring a gift that will make a statement? A fall cornucopia is the perfect way to grace your Thanksgiving table or say “thank you” to your hostess, and Curran Brothers has a beautiful arrangement to meet that need. Yet before you purchase a fall cornucopia, why not learn a little more about this iconic Thanksgiving symbol?

The History of the Cornucopia

cornucopiaTraditionally, the cornucopia was not a harvest or fall symbol. In fact, according to Greek legend, the cornucopia was a magical horn, broken from the head of a god or an enchanted goat, depending on which legend you follow, that had the magical ability to stay full of whatever the owner needed. It was, therefore the symbol of endless bounty.

Based on this legend, which varies between Zeus and Hercules, the original cornucopia was actually a real goat’s horn filled with fruits, grains and berries. Of course, you would not want a goat’s horn on your Thanksgiving table, and you would probably prefer to eat fall’s harvest than decorate with it, but the basic idea remains the same. The cornucopia, with its horn shape and autumn beauty and abundance spilling out, still shows the beauty and bounty of fall.

Choose Curran Brothers for Fall Cornucopia Flowers

If you would like to grace your Thanksgiving table with a cornucopia of fresh flowers this year, Curran Brothers has a stunning arrangement for your consideration. Fall Cornucopia showcases brilliant orange sunflowers surrounded by orange and red roses, greenery and chrysanthemums for a brilliant display. Eucalyptus and cinnamon sticks add pleasant fall aromas to the stunning arrangement.

With the help of Curran Brothers, your fall table can have brilliant, bold and beautiful fall color in a stunning cornucopia of blooms, celebrating the plenty you have been able to enjoy.