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Currans Flowers – International Women’s Day

women's dayWith rallying cries that have included Women Managing Conflicts and Pathways to Decent Work for Women, International Women’s Day is a worldwide meeting of the minds, commemorated annually on March 8th. Perhaps indicating the lengths the world still has to progress, the holiday is celebrated officially in only 30 nations; although organizers have arranged events in well over 100 countries. Sadly, even though the day originated over a century ago, many gatherings are still met with violence in some parts of the world. The first American observance was in 1909, but it was not accepted widely until a United Nations initiative in 1977.

In America, there are thousands of women throughout the course of history that we honor. Some, like Abigail Adams and Molly Pitcher were influential in the formation of our young country; while Coretta Scott King and Eleanor Roosevelt continued the legacy. Harriet Tubman helped to free slaves during the Civil War, and Rosa Parks took a stand on a segregated bus in the 1950’s. Clara Barton founded the Red Cross, Amelia Earhart took to the skies and Katherine Hepburn lit up the silver screen – in every walk of life, there are women to admire.

women's day

The same is true today – from living rooms to courtrooms; from school boards to corporate board rooms, women continue to shape the course of our nation. International Women’s Day is an excellent opportunity to show these women your admiration. In fact, the language of flowers gives us truly thoughtful ways to celebrate the women in our lives. For instance, the daffodil is traditionally given to someone who you respect or esteem; add sage leaves to tell her you to think she is wise. Orchids are known to convey a recognition of her beauty and refinement and make an elegant addition for any home or office.

On March 8th, people around the world will gather, protest wrongs, and celebrate advances in human rights and equal freedoms for women. To celebrate the women who are still influencing our way of life every day, let Currans Flowers select the perfect floral arrangement to honor them.