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The Best Flowers to Honor International Women’s Day

Every year on March 8, we observe International Women’s Day to elevate women’s causes and highlight the most critical issues. It’s a moment to celebrate the women who’ve helped pave the way for your goals and to acknowledge the community that has shaped you. The colors associated with this meaningful occasion are purple (emblematic of justice, loyalty to the cause, and dignity), green (symbolizing hope), and white (signifying purity). Consider sending a bouquet in these colors to the strong women and allies who have helped you persist, even in challenging times. At Currans Flowers in Danvers, Massachusetts, we’re here to help you mark IWD with deep sincerity, gratitude, and a bouquet.


Roses are beloved across the globe, standing as enduring and classic symbols of love in its many manifestations. Select roses in the shades of International Women’s Day, or allow the language of color to share an empowering, customized message with your recipient. Consider, for instance, that pink roses symbolize gratitude and admiration, while yellow roses are ambassadors of friendship and happiness — sentiments perfectly suited for this occasion. No matter the direction you take, roses offer a meaningful message for those you wish to acknowledge on IWD.


As International Women’s Day marks the end of winter in many regions, it ushers in the anticipation of spring. Tulips, beloved spring blooms, represent renewal and the start of a new season. Gifting a fresh bouquet of tulips to folks you hold in high regard is a way to honor their successes and show optimism for positive changes ahead, all while expressing gratitude for their inspiration and impact on your achievements. You can create unique bouquets with various tulip options, making them a wise choice to convey the perfect sentiment for celebrating women and their supporters.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies — ambassadors of joy — introduce vibrant colors to floral arrangements. Their large, cheerful blooms have a magical way of bringing joy to anyone. Beyond being ordinary flowers, Gerbera daisies possess a distinct charm, symbolizing determination, strength, and fortitude. Sharing these flowers on International Women’s Day is a positive gesture, honoring accomplishments and spreading positivity. Gerbera daisies are also symbols of purity, making them an especially meaningful choice as we acknowledge the pure intentions of those we celebrate on IWD.


Peonies are full-bodied blooms that express compassion, love, and honor in International Women’s Day flower arrangements. They outlast many other types of flowers in a vase, thanks to their innately hearty nature, representing women’s powerful endurance and unwavering spirits. In essence, giving peonies is a gesture of admiration for the impactful influence of women and their allies in various spheres of life. Additionally, peonies represent prosperity, inviting positive outcomes, success, and happiness for their fortunate recipients on IWD.


Orchids come in an extensive range of colors and shapes and have different meanings, depending on the specific blooms you select. This versatility allows for creative expression of your sentiments, making orchids suitable for various occasions. Their modern and elegant appearance appeals to a diverse audience, including women and the folks who stand by them. Choosing orchids for International Women’s Day is a contemporary and fashionable way to convey admiration and appreciation for the folks who have paved the path for women.

Mimosa Flower

The flowers of International Women’s Day are mimosa flowers, AKA silver wattle, as they are symbols of strength, sensibility, and sensitivity. Consider incorporating cheerful yellow daisies to bring a similar sense of radiance and vitality to your bouquets on this day. Pair them with springtime greenery and fresh accent flowers like gold aster, wax flower, yellow alstroemeria, and goldenrod to create a lush and vibrant bouquet. Alternatively, make yellow chrysanthemums the focal point, as they symbolize friendship, trust, and joy.

At Currans Flowers, we want to help you honor those you celebrate this International Women’s Day. Giving flowers is a heartfelt way to acknowledge the strength and influence these incredible people bring into your life. The bouquet is a symbol of gratitude, a visual expression of the positive change they’ve instilled in your world.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day