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Capturing The Spirit Of Memorial Day

Memorial Day can be a solemn occasion as we remember those soldiers who sacrificed their lives in service to country. The parades and commemorative events that honor them do so with a great deal of reverence and respect, but they also bring us together and remind us that we are, in essence, celebrating the great heroes of our country. We’re on the cusp of summer and it’s a long weekend. Inevitably, we find ourselves hosting or attending dinners, barbecues or outdoor parties. Curran’s Flowers thinks there’s a way to capture the full spirit of Memorial Day in flowers, speaking to both its poignancy and sense of festivity.

if you’re having loved ones or friends over, put something like¬†The Hague at the center of your event. These flowers are graceful, seasonal and entirely appropriate for the event at hand. They give off a lovely, serene feeling that will help set the tone for your Memorial Day gathering beautifully.¬†We selected the perfect combination of our own Currans grown tulips, fragrant hyacinth, delicate peonies, and always popular hydrangea to compose this piece.

When the focus is on remembering our fallen troops and embracing the people in our lives now, there isn’t a lot of call for decor. We say, leave the patriotic linens and red, white and blue floral designs for the 4th. Let a gorgeous, graceful array of flowers express the spirit of the day instead.