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Best Gifts to Send With Flowers

A classic collection of ever popular hydrangea from Holland and beautiful roses accented with seasonal foliage is appropriate for any occasion. Subtle and lush.


A bouquet of flowers is always an appropriate and beloved gift for any occasion. They are proven to improve your mood, reduce stress, promote tranquility, and offer the most amazing fragrances and naturally beautiful decor. What could possibly be better or more romantic than sending your loved one a floral arrangement that you picked out yourself? Nothing can top it, but you can add additional gifts to up the ante and make the experience of receiving these breathing blooms more romantic. When you really want to impress someone, check out our gift guide below, which was curated by the gift experts here at Currans Flowers, Danver’s number one florist.

Romantic Gift Ideas
to Pair with Thoughtful Flowers

Dinner for two

Who doesn’t love a homemade meal cooked specially for them or an evening dining at a gourmet restaurant? To pair this romantic dinner for two with flowers makes the evening even more special and shows your loved one just how much you care. As a bonus, if you plan to dine at home, the floral bouquet can also act as an elegant centerpiece.

Spa composition of roses

Spa Essentials

Handmade soaps, bath bombs, body lotions, face masks, and other spa essentials are great items to pair with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Having flowers on the counter while enjoying an at-home spa ups the luxe factor by a thousand. If you really want to ensure a romantic evening, light some candles around the bathroom and put on a calming playlist.

Artisan Chocolates

The ultimate romantic gift consists of brilliant blooms and the most decadent artisan chocolates. For decades, flowers and chocolate have been the dynamic duo for Valentine’s Day and sweet birthday surprises, as well as a go-to choice if you want to watch your sweetheart swoon.

Romance Novel

Relaxing and enjoying a good book is one of life’s simplest yet sweetest pleasures, and if your significant other loves to get lost in the pages of a novel, then consider pairing one with their bouquet of flowers. A romance novel is sure to keep them intrigued and maybe even thinking of their real-life love story while they sit and admire the lovely blooms given to them by their love.

Golden earrings isolated, with white crystals and diamonds. Beautiful earrings on white background. Women accessories


The beauty of lush and fragrant flowers paired with stunning and delicate jewelry is definitely a romantic gift combo. Similar to the way flowers and chocolates seamlessly complement each other, jewelry and flowers are another timeless and delightful duo that your loved one will enjoy showing off.


There are many ways to pair wine with flowers that most people overlook. For example, you can match the color of flowers to the wine label or match the floral notes of the wines with ones in the bouquet. When a little research and thought is put in, the gift of flowers and wine is one beyond compare.

No matter how you choose to enhance the romance when sending a dreamy and wonderful floral arrangement to your loved one, be sure to begin by browsing the brilliant flowers from Currans Flowers as well as our thoughtful gift selection.