Chicago Poinsettia Care

  • Poinsettia plants will give a long season of pleasure when properly cared for. With the proper care, they should retain their color and flowers (bracts) for several weeks or months.

  • Keep your poinsettia away from warm or cold drafts. Drafts from windows, radiators and doors will cause the plant to wilt. Do not allow the plant to touch cold windows. These conditions can cause the leaves to drop.

  • Check for water every day. When the surface of the soil is dry to the touch, it’s time to give your plant a drink! Water it well, until the water runs out of the bottom drainage holes of the pot. If it is in a decorative container, dump excess water. Do not let the plant sit in water – they don’t like “wet feet”.

  • Maintain daytime temperature around 60-70 degrees F. Move plant to a cooler room at night if possible. A humid environment is preferred by poinsettia plants.

  • Once the bracts have fallen, you may choose to discard the plant or keep it for another year. If you keep it past the holiday season, fertilize the poinsettia. Use regular house plant food. Water it less, but do not allow it to dry out completely. Move it to a cool, dark area until spring. Then, bring it to a brightly lit spot to continue growing.