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Posted by Currans Flowers on November 17, 2019 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Uncategorized

These Are the 5 Flowers We’re Most Thankful For

It’s not unusual to have a favorite type or variety of flower- in fact, it often can say a lot about who you are as a person! The type of flower you’re attracted to shows the world a little bit about who you are. Likewise, when you know someone well enough to send them their favorite flowers, you show them how well you know and love them.

At Currans Flowers, we have lots of favorites, and for good reason. We’re thankful for the beauty and fragrance flowers bring to us, as well as the meaning behind them. We’re also thankful for flowers and foliage that are easy to work with and add long-lasting beauty to our floral arrangements. Here are some of the flowers we’re most thankful for and what it might mean if you love them, too!

Fascinating Bubble Bowl Bouquet


We love the lush feel and range of color to be found in hydrangea, with their full, dense heads of petals and beautiful color tones. As a bountiful offering in summer months, hydrangea are known for their large globe-shaped flower heads and colors ranging from blue and purple to pink and white. Lovers of hydrangea tend to be delicate and sensitive, but very in touch with their feelings. Our Fascinating Bubble Bowl bouquet features the most common variety of hydrangea, sometimes called a mophead hydrangea, in some of its most bold, unusual colors.

Autumn Orchid Bouquet


We find the elegant lines orchids display to be one of our favorite looks, and we’re not the only ones. With their open-eyed petals, long, vine-like stems that cause them to bend over as if listening carefully, and their exotic form and color, there’s much to love about orchids. Send a beautiful display of orchids like our Autumn Orchid Collection to your most sophisticated, mysterious friend. These gorgeous blooms are favorites of classy, honest people.

Perfect 10 Roses Bouquet


We love the delicate scent of fresh roses. With so many varieties, the meanings conveyed with roses are as numerous as their varieties. For example, red roses are a classic sign of love and affection, while orange represents passion and yellow friendship. If roses are your favorite flower, your passion and love for tradition causes you to seek the best in others and even bring it out in them. Send designs full of roses like our Perfect 10 bouquet to special people in your life who bring out the best in you!

light pink roses with dark purple accents and blue and green hydrangea


We’re so thankful for the subtle texture and support all of our foliage lends to our floral designs. Without it, our flowers would not have the staging and background they need to shine. With so many amazing shades of green, so many textures and so much variety, the foliage we get to choose makes our job so much more fun and exciting. For example, take a look at the beautiful richness the foliage in our Magnifique bouquet creates.

orange tuplis in vase with light green orchids


We love tulips because of their cheerful disposition. These delightful blooms announce spring and add cheery color to any room. We also find tulip lovers to be sweet people who easily adapt to change and love traveling. These smooth, bell-shaped blooms on smooth, thick green stems bring a distinct air of springtime to any bouquet. Our Piedmont bouquet brings that vitality to a fall design, making tulips as versatile as the many colors in which you can find these delightful blooms.

Whether your personality is sunny and bold or reserved and mysterious, no doubt there’s a flower out there for you. Choose to surround yourself with flowers that are just so “you” and feel a sense of self in your home or workplace. Send meaningful blooms to special friends and loved ones to show them how well you know them inside and out. To learn more about which flowers carry the meaning you hope to convey, talk to the floral experts at Currans Flowers. We’re glad to share our love for flowers with you and your loved ones.