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Roses in June

rosesRoses and June are a natural pairing – from beginning to end; there are many opportunities to celebrate occasions with the most coveted flower available.

For starters, the rose is the official birth flower of June. Roses speak a language all their own, and just which rose to choose is often a matter of color. For instance, pink roses are popular to give to mothers sisters, teachers, and mentors on their birthday, because they convey deep appreciation and gratitude. Yellow flowers are often given to a best friend or sister because they express the sentiment of friendship. And if you have just met someone special, but red roses are not yet appropriate to give, lilac roses are perfect, as they speak to being enchanted by someone.

roses roses

Many people may not realize that early on in history, it was the white rose that represented these romantic sentiments. Although the red rose has taken over that honor over the centuries, the white rose continues to be the favorite flower for weddings – and incidentally, June is one of the most popular months for weddings – giving us just another reason to love these classic flowers in June.


Red roses have a special day in June all to themselves. June 12 is Red Rose Day – although not an official holiday, this day is observed by gardeners, botanists and flower lovers everywhere to just recognize the amazing contributions of the simple red rose. The red rose has come to symbolize true love, romance, and passion.

Whatever the occasion; whatever the relationship you are honoring; whatever color makes the most sense – roses and June just go together. And the Danvers florist to deliver them all to you is Currans Flowers!