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Pretty Flowers For Prom And Beyond

The end of the school year brings celebrations of all kinds. Some kids will be graduating, while others will be attending prom for the first time. School dances, moving-up ceremonies and even thank-you gifts for teachers all create a gift-giving opportunity. If you find yourself in need of gifts or wearable florals for these celebrations, trust Curran’s Flowers to deliver the quality arrangements and beautiful wearable flowers from the local florist that you have come to trust.

Maybe this year you are sending your child to prom. For girls, the Mini Cymbidium & Rose Wristlet is the perfect complement to any girl’s prom dress. The delicate roses and orchids are on a slap bracelet for easy wearing, or you could choose a rhinestone bracelet to add a touch of elegance. If you are shopping for a young man, consider the Dendrobium White Orchid Boutonniere. This delicate white and green option will match any outfit combination. Curran’s Flowers also has a number of floral gifts that can be given to graduates, teachers and more!

Mini Cymbidium and Rose Wristlet - Same Day Delivery Danvers, MA

Dendrobium White Orchid - Danvers, MA - Currans Flowers

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and with it comes all of the celebrations that make these last few weeks memorable. Make sure you are ready with floral gifts. Shop with Curran’s Flowers to make it easy.