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Growing Spring Flowers

spring flowersSpring is such a wonderful time of year. Especially for growing flowers in our greenhouses! In January we planted 1700 Pansy Plugs 7 in different planters/pots & hangers. We have 5 different combos and mixes which will be available in the third week of March.

spring flowersspring flowersWe will plant most of our spring material including hanging baskets and 4.5” plants between the last 2 weeks of February into the 1st week of March. We then follow up a planting in early April, and again after Mother’s day in May to carry us through the Summer.

spring flowers spring flowers

We design 150 Custom Premium  mixes for our popular moss hanging baskets whose pot sizes range from 14”-18”. In addition we pot approximately 500 single variety moss hangers and about 800 traditional hanging baskets. We grow geraniums, fuschia, impatiens, verbena, begonias, calibrachoa, lobelia, scaevola, and more in our hanging baskets.

spring flowers

Pansy Hangers

We grow 5700 3.5” annuals for use mostly in our colorful memorial day cemetery baskets. These are all planted in early March. We grow 13,000 4.5” Annuals for customers to plant in their yards and window boxes. We use these well cared for plants to create custom planters for clients all over the region.

spring flowers

Pansy Plugs

We finish over 600 tropical blooming plants from Florida every summer. They include, hibiscus, mandevilla, gardenia, darantha, and more.

In all we will use more than 32,000 plugs by May. Come in to Currans Flowers and see what we are growing today!